Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Filth of Guilt

I was washing the dishes the other day when my three-year-old son approached me.

“Mom, I need to wash my hands. They’re guilty.”

This morning, as I was bathing, the same little munchkin shuffled into the bathroom and swished his hands in my bathwater. “My hands are guilty. I gots to wash them.”

Now, I know what he means to say is filthy, and it just comes out “guilty”, but, spiritually speaking, filth equals guilt. Guilt equals sin, and, as sinners, we all could use is a good washing.

Just as we (hopefully) bathe regularly to keep our bodies clean and fresh, we should also cleanse ourselves spiritually through The Word so that our minds and hearts will be clean and fresh as well.

I feel that the more I drift away from reading The Word, the more likely I am to fall into temptation or lose sight of the ultimate goal, but when I read and pray often, when I listen to annointed preaching, and when I fellowship with those who are also passionate about the things of Christ, then I should be continually convicted and encouraged in Christ.

Sometimes, we are so filthy that we need a good scrubbing. I can tell you from experience, scrubbing your skin, naturally speaking, isn’t all that comfortable and relaxing, but afterwards, the clean feeling is worth it. I can also tell you from experience, that spiritual scrubbing is painful and often humiliating, but… again, worth it.

Not to long ago, my dad had a cancer removed from his neck. For years, this little spot on his neck was often irritated, but he tried to tend to it the best he could. He put off going to the doctor until my mom pushed him. Luckily, it was confined to this area and they were able to remove it. Now there is a slightly pink scar where this quarter-sized spot use to be.

Much of the time, this is how I am. There is something in my life that I keep trying to deal with on my own, but, when it comes right down to it, my efforts are useless. The only person who can heal me is the Great Physician. I need His guidance and help with my problems and issues. I can look back in my life and see things that were cancerous, spiritually speaking. In one experience, the “cancer” spread to so many areas of my life.. even “infecting” my children. Why? Because I was trying to deal with it myself, even though I knew it was beyond anything I could solve or cure on my own.

I am so thankful that God has shown me the “cancers” I need to remove from my life, and He promises to help and guide me in correcting my wrongs and realigning my steps……

For I am guilty, and I need to wash my hands.