Thursday, August 28, 2008

Delicate timing of picture-taking & routines

I snapped a few photos this morning of the kiddos because I need to "refresh" some of my picture frames hanging up on the wall. Man, I have some ADORABLE children. (It's not biased if it's true, right?)

It's an event that requires delicate timing, if you know what I mean. Keagan has to have a full belly and be in a playful, not sleepy, mood. The kids have to be focused, which means they can't be in one of their rambuctious spirits, nor can they be too tired. Therefore, the morning, around 8:30-9am, seems to be the best time slot for such things as taking photos. Half an hour beyond that is too late because, by then, Keagan begins to fuss for a nap, and the kids are fully awake and hyper as can be. Half an hour previous to that would infringe upon feeding time, in which you will find frowny faces and noncompliant attitudes.

Morning brings freshly bathed children wearing clean, laundered clothing, and light filtering through the windows.... which is another reason why mornings are best for pictures.

Delicate timing, I tell you. Delicate.

Anyway, Brandon happened to catch a few shots of me and the dog, who has become so snuggly towards me, that it's difficult to separate the two of us. When I'm working on my laptop while sitting on the couch, she practically sits up top of the keys. When I cuddle under the covers with my husband, the little booger tries to wedge between us (probably the warmest spot). In the morning, she likes to belly up and lay her head on my pillow. This creature has no idea she's a dog. (And I have a hard time reminding her.)

We've fallen into some sort of routine around here. Seven-thirty usually finds me making breakfast or ironing a shirt (last minute) for my husband after letting a full-bladdered Kiki into the backyard to do her "duty". I hear the beat of children's feet upstairs, and remind them that it's not time for them to get up until 8:00am. They seem to wake up earlier and earlier every day. Still, I need those thirty minutes to spend time with my husband before I see him off to work.

I really need to buy them each a cheap wall clock and place a picture of a clock beside it (showing 8 o'clock on it), so they know when it's time to get up, and they don't have to keep asking. (I assure them each time that I will personally let them know when it's time, but their eagerness keeps them running up and down the stairs.) They have loads of things to read, coloring books and boxes of colors, notepads to doodle on, and toys to play with... and they can dive into all of that, as long as they play quietly until I come to gather them.

I was the type of child that was up at the crack of dawn. I usually woke up at 4am or 5am, and would sit in my closet (light on, door closed) reading comic books until I heard my dad get up, and then I'd shimmy back under the sheets and appear asleep when he came in to kiss me good-bye. If Dad caught me up, he'd urge me back to bed, so I tried to hide it from him! (I would even position my "my-size-doll" and a few pillows in the bed juuuust right so it would appear I was still sleeping.)

I was a stinker!

So, I really can't blame my children for getting up early, and I have no problem with them being UP, but they need to keep to themselves until eight, so I can spend that precious time with their father. It's important to me and to starting my day off right. It is difficult to wake up to lots of noise and children climbing all over me, especially since I am no longer the morning person I was as a kid! Those times are reserved for weekends now.

I think it's good for children to understand "there's a time for everything under the sun".... not just natural seasons, but a routine for our day, for our week. Some things are flexible, and some are not.


Full of Heart said...

Do you remember what Jodi (if you still read her...) did for the clock for her oldest son? She took it apart and drew on the face of the clock (the interior cardboard part) where the hands had to be for him to be able to get up. I think they have more of a "time span" but you could just draw where the hands go for 8 o'clock onto their clocks, and tell them that when it's covered they can get up....

Gloria said...

Yes, I agree, those are very cute kids.

Kristin@HomemakerAtHeart said...

that's kind of the plan that Jesse and I have for Kylie when we do finally get her into the toddler bed. ugh, my baby's growing up!!!
and yes I would agree too, your kids are adorable.

C & T Bishop Blog said...

Cute photos of the kids -- and a cute picture of you and the puppy! Sounds spoiled rotten! :)

Abby said...

I used to have to do the clock thing for my step son. I would actually set his alarm clock for 8am and when that went off he was allowed to "get up". :) Beautiful babies, as always!

Victoria said...

I was always a morning riser myself. Now I cherish every little bit of extra sleep!

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the mowhawk! My 5 yo wants one...That's on the agenda for the day.

Sylvia & Homero said...

This entry was very amusing Mandy--Comic books in the closet!? Faking sleeping? Have you told your daddy you used to do that? I bet he will get a chuckle when he reads this. ;) the scheduling/routine stuff was very interesting to me too. take care, girl