Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Adventures

We had a fairly eventful day. It started out with scrambled eggs. I've been being a good little wifey waking up with my husband to fix him breakfast every morning. If the kids are up, they eat with him. If not, I fix a little extra and set it aside until they "wakey-wakey". They are definitely loving having "real breakfasts" that don't include poptarts and frozen waffles.

When I was out walking yesterday, one of our neighbors told us the "back way" to our subdivisions park. I loaded up Keagan's stroller and we ventured out. It was a much longer walk, and the rock pathway ran out halfway there leaving us to walk on uneven ground. Had to use my muscles to push the stroller! It took us twenty minutes to get to the park, which would normally be a two minute drive! Exhausting! I was so tired, that I only let the kids play for about fifteen minutes before we headed back home.... the easier way (although, a tad bit longer in steps, but about even in time.. much easier on the muscles!) on the sidewalk.

We had eaten brunch before we left for the park, but had a little snack when we returned home, then headed off to nap because we were all quite worn out from the heat! When we got up, the kids assisted me in baking banana bread (which was so tasty, it's nearly gone already). I love the sweet, mouth-watering aroma that fills the air when we bake goodies.

When Brandon got home, we ventured out to look at some little churches in the area before heading to Krogers to by more eggs (we go through them pretty quick) and other yummies. I'm looking forward to the weekend, because we haven't had any time to hang out as a family for several weeks.

Oh, I almost forgot. Brandon got a fresh noggin shave (so beautiful when a bald, shiny head!), and I gave Nolyn (who was turning into a poofy-head) his signature mohawk. Say what you want, but it's totally fitting in regards to his expressions and personality!

Three weeks until Keagan's 1st birthday! He's growing like a weed!

Nolyn has been saying some hilarious things lately, but I always forget when it comes time to blog, so I put a piece of paper up on the fridge to jot them down.

The other day, I was popping up some popcorn before we snuggled down to watch a movie. Brandon asked, "Do you smell what I smell?" Nolyn smiles and said, "Dad, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
Brandon asked, "I don't know.. what are you thinking?"
"I have Transformers in my bed, and they don't have any legs but they can shoot bad guys."
And then he returned to normal composure and continued watching previews. Ha!

Today he told me, "Mom. You know what? My head is in a circle. Is your head a circle?"

He's so random and unexpected. Gotta love it!

I have a bunch of pictures to post.... but I don't want to upload them to Brandon's work computer, so I'll have to wait until later. Much love! -Mandy


Renita said...

Can't wait to see the pics!! Your new subdivision sounds really nice! We always wished we lived in a subdivision with a pool!!

Gloria said...

Glad all of you are enjoying your new place.

Kristin@HomemakerAtHeart said...

I love being all "wifey" on Thursday and Friday mornings I do the same for Jesse. It's a special treat that only happends on occasion, so it's really fun for us.

I can't wait to see pictures!

sublimejen said...

I love hearing the things little kids say, they're so funny :) I'm glad you're liking your new place:)

Sylvia & Homero said...

man your little guy cracks me up! And i love the expression on his face in the pic =)

megnolia said...

Nolyn cracks me up. and I think the mohawk is really cute =]