Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I can't even imagine.....

One of my friends and fellow writer for Heart of the Matter (homeschooling online magazine) lost her little boy this week. My heart is aching for her and her family. Throughout the day, I have found myself praying for them, thinking about them, and crying over them.

If I lost one of my children, what would I do? My life would be forever changed. I was taking a shower and thinking how hard it must be for my friend to do even the smallest of tasks with such a heavy weight on her heart.

How to you mesh feeling of loss and mourning with the desire to celebrate and cherish a life? How do you go on caring for those remainings- those loved ones still here, when you feel your world crashing down around you.

Even though my mind has conjured up what it might feel to have my worst fears realized, I really cannot imagine what she must be going through.

Please pray for Marsha and her family as they go through this difficult time in dealing with the loss of their little boy, "Dozer".

I wrote a song. I don't know if it's appropriate or not, but I wrote it from my own point of view- how I would feel if one of my children were to be called home from God (suddenly or not). I decided not to post it, because I feel it's a little depressing (a "how do I cope" sort of song), and I want this post to be one that praises God for and celebrates Dozer's life.

I cannot get this family out of my head or heart, and I pray that there will be an outpouring of generosity and love in the name of Jesus for them.

I don't know these people personally, but I feel like I do since working with Marsha on Heart of the Matter and reading her blog. If you would like to send her a card, whether you know her or not, please do!

Cards or Correspondence can be mailed to:
David and Marsha Drews
c/o Rachel Harris
12830 N. Cypress Lane
Tomball, TX 77377

Christian "Dozer" Drews was three years old and the cutest "blonde Korean" you'll ever see. He will be missed!


Rachel said...

Man this is so difficult..I also know of another family who recently lost their son James after 16 months of severe medical issues. It's certainly been making me hug my son a little tighter this week.

Kristin@HomemakerAtHeart said...

My grandparents had to bury my uncle when he died 3 years ago. I can't even imagine what burying {sp?} your own child is like.
That family is definatly in my thoughts.

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Dandelion Seeds said...

I have made a post asking for people to cover the Drews family in prayer for 24 hours leading up to the 25th of September, marking one month without "Dozer". Please stop by and add your name if you'd like, and share it on your blog for others that might be willing to "help" this family through prayer.

Amy (aka Dandelion Seeds)