Friday, September 26, 2008

Keagan's 1st Birthday Bash

Here's a load of pictures from Kbaby's birthday party (last Sunday). They aren't in any specific order.

Here's the baseball cake I made for my sweetie!

Dad and I attempt to put together the stationary play thingamabob while Keagan and AJ wait.

Here's Kbaby wearing an outfit he got for his birthday (SO CUTE!) while flipping through a magazine. He loves books.. and he really flips through them, unlike my other children who, at this age, gnawed on them instead.

I love his little wide-eyed expression here!

From L-R, my friend Tim, my husband Brandon, Kbaby, and my brother's furry noggin.

Teresa Bunger gave M & N gifts as well. They really love them! Teresa also made the stop sign! So creative!

Here's Nolyn's gift!

Unca Chip with Kbaby

He picked up the cake and shoved it in his mouth right away!

Me and my sweetcheeks

My Mom (Nana, to the kids) and Kbaby. Notice the dog eagerly awaiting any cake droppings. She always hangs around and licks Kbaby's bumbo seat clean after I take him out.

He didn't know what all the gifts were for, but it was sure exciting!

Tara and Chipper

I love this picture of him. I edited out my husband, who was in the background... in his boxers. Ha!

My friend Tim with my parent's best friends (since pre-kids)Teresa and Chuck bunger. (And that's my dad whose head is covered by the balloon.)

Brandon and I show Kbaby his cake... and he's already prepared with a fork in his mouth!

Happy Birthday toooooo yoooou!

How cute it that? I love this stage. Heck, I love every stage.

That's all folks!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Update in Pictures

Miss M.... she reminds me of my cousin, Sarah G, in this picture. Granny, Mom... Dad.. do you see what I mean?

Plinking on the piano...

Keagan LOVES to play in the kitchen. I have a gate to keep him out when I'm cooking. If he can get in, he usually heads for the fridge to play with the magnets.

N & M enjoyed playing with playdough. Our kitchen table is like the hub of our home. We spend a lot of time playing there, reading there, learning there... (even though we are not structured homeschoolers). I covered their side of the table with contact paper and put papers with ABCs underneath.

As I previously mentioned, our friends Ashley and John (and John's mother, Chris), stayed with us during Hurricane Gustav. Here are a few photos from our extended weekend with them!

The kids assisted John in baking a DELICIOUS cake.

Ashley watches on as Keagan gleefully plays with spoons. (You should have seen his face when he learned that banging them together makes a cool noise!)

We all played Xbox for a bit. Fun!

Ms. Chris was SO nice! She treated me to a pedicure (which, I really needed... I think they had to file/cut off half of my toes!). My feet are on the bottom... btw.

A parting shot.. before they left!

Hubby and myself

I shaved Nolyn's mohawk today. Here's a picture of him "fixing" one of our handmade cabinets.

I cannot believe my little pun'kin is going to be A YEAR OLD in ONE WEEK! AGGH! That's one of my personal art pieces behind him. It's now above my piano.
Anyway..... things are going great here! We feel so incredibly blessed to be in this beautiful home, close to family, and surrounded by friends!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Does God have a bed?

Nolyn: Mom, does God have a bed?
Me: Well, I don't know! I don't think God sleeps. I know He rests, though.
Nolyn: Do you think He has beds for us in heaven?
Merikalyn: Yeah! He does! Except, they are boxes.
Me: Boxes?
Merikalyn: Those things you sleep in when you die!

We've had some interesting conversations lately.....

Marriages Passionate for God!

A few months ago, I was smitten by the book Passionate Housewives Desperate for God by Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald. There are so many books out there for women that promote selfishness, or "me-ology", even books intended for Christian wives. These books are presenting lies to women, instead of ministering the Truth of the bible. PHDG is the first book I have come across that so accurately defines and strongly encourages biblical womanhood. There are so few books that encourage women to be all that they can be in Christ, instead of in their own strength and will. There are few books that view husband's so highly, instead of "that guy that leaves the toilet seat up" and can't seem to do anything right. PHDG encourages us to stop being selfish excuse-makers, and puts our role as a wife and mother in biblical perspective.

Anyway, I was so encouraged by the book (it truly is amazing and God glorifying), that my husband said, "I wish there was a book like this for men!" So, I did a bit of searching and found, The Exemplary Husband by Stuart Scott. (Btw, there is also a book called The Excellent Wife, which I am about to read.)

I bought this book a couple months ago and am getting around to reading it myself. I encouraged my husband to read PHDG so he could exhort and encourage me in the way of the Lord and in my biblical role as wife. Therefore, I find it only natural to read the book directed towards husbands, so I can encourage him as well.

Both of these books put the focus on the Lord. "The most important commitment for the Christian husband is to have a heart of worship towards God alone," TEH reads. Afterall, when we are truly devoted to Christ and living our lives under his direction and love, we will become the spouse we need to be.

Time and time again I've heard my single friends say, "I just can't find a good, Christian spouse!" Yet, they aren't living up to the expectations they have for a spouse. Why would God bless you with a strong, Christian spouse if you refuse to live your life in submission to Him? A good Christian woman or man is also looking for a "good Christian spouse", and if you are not truly devoted to Jesus, then you aren't yet marriage material.

Of course, I have seen people who are not marriage material tie the knot and BECOME marriage material, but it's so much better to start our marriages off on the right foot, so to speak, rather than wait.

Anywho, I encourage everyone, married or single, to read these books. Read them for yourselves... not to tell your spouse, "HEY, THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE!"

I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband who willingly ministers to my needs. He is so loving and kind. My husband is a perfect example of what God can do when He gets a hold of a person! Total transformation!

Why to we try to do things our own way? Why do we resist the Lord? Why do we swim in our misery, instead of depending on the Lord? Maybe it's because we think we're having to sacrifice something, but, let me tell you.... those things we have to give up and SO WORTH IT (and, in comparison, so "nothing" to what God blesses us with in return)!

Quit being stubborn! Lean on the Lord! Quit conforming to the world, even the "religiousity" of the world, and allow God to TRANSFORM you!