Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bake it up!

First of all, it looks like I have some new readers, so I'd like to say, "Welcome!" Secondly, I'd like to share this adorable photo of my Kbaby:

He was jabbering to the dog! :)

He's getting so big and quite mobile. He loves to climb the stairs, so I usually shadow him while he scoots onto each step. Right now he's banging on the chair I'm sitting on with a toy hammer, then offering me the hammer.

He's a sweet baby, always ready to share his pacifier, food, or a toy.... no matter how slobbery it is. (Ha!)

He just went up a size in diapers. I was using cloth diapers, but he was soaking through them too quickly, and I haven't found a good soaker pad that isn't bulky... so if you know of a good (but inexpensive) cloth diaper soaker pad, let me know! I use one-size diapers (the kind you adjust with snaps). I like them, because their cost friendly (no buying more with every growth spurt), but they are bulky on my small fellow, so I like to keep the soakers inside down to a small size. Right now, I'm using prefolds inside of them, and apparently, mine aren't absorbent enough! Anyway, no one wants to read a whole entry about diapers, so on to a different subject!

While Kbaby napped, the other two munchkins and I made yeast rolls. I LOVE yeast rolls. We've always made them shaped like crescents, and they're absolutely delicious. The kids received a lesson in fractions and division without even realizing it! I think we ate half of the batch before my husband got home!

Yesterday we made brownies.... we've definitely been in the baking mood! (I love fresh baked goodies, don't you?)

I cannot wait to get my Sonlight stuff. I told my parents all about it, and now my mom is equally as eager! I hope my children love being homeschooled as much as I did. (I was in public schools most of my school "career" and homeschooled my final year.)

Sorry for all the randomness! Maybe someday soon I'll sit down and write a real entry... one that's actually interesting to read!


Gloria said...

Keagan is really growing up. The entries that are entersting to me are those like this one that have pictures of the kids and the stories of their antic's. I don't mind the randomness. They just make me smile and bring back memories of when mine were little.

heather bells said...

My sister is cloth diapering and recommends Bummis brand Bio-Soft liners from diaperjuntion dot com. Dont' know if you've tried this type or not and I have no idea about pricing, but thought I'd pass it along. :)

Christy Sunshine said...

The best prefolds I've found so far are Little Lions unbleached Indian infant sized prefolds. That's what I have for Delilah that I saved from the diapers I gave to you! They're awesome and I didn't want to pass them on, knowing I had another babe coming!

Becky S said...

Sonlight is great - this is our first year using it too, but we have loved it so far! Just don't be overwhelmed with trying to "do everything" on the schedule. I have an 18 month old in cloth dipes and I do not have any great wisdom on inserts, but have found unbleached prefolds, toddler size do much better than the regular prefolds in the absorbtion department. When you figure out the best insert - post it!!