Thursday, September 4, 2008

Does God have a bed?

Nolyn: Mom, does God have a bed?
Me: Well, I don't know! I don't think God sleeps. I know He rests, though.
Nolyn: Do you think He has beds for us in heaven?
Merikalyn: Yeah! He does! Except, they are boxes.
Me: Boxes?
Merikalyn: Those things you sleep in when you die!

We've had some interesting conversations lately.....


Anonymous said...

Cute conversations!

Oh no! What about those that are cremated???? LOL

Heather said...

Very sweet--we have days, weeks, months like that.:)

Just realized I forgot to add you to the blogroll on ChristianUnschooling--fixed. :) Let me know if you have anything you would be interested in posting over there, you would be very welcome.

Victoria said...

At least she is logical! :)

jonash said...

Hi! I was catching up on reading your blog and just wanted to say hello. :)

Ashley from Jonash

Renita said...

CUTE!!! I just love those little kiddisms! :)

Kristin@HomemakerAtHeart said...

very cute!