Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike: Updates

Update #1:
It's 3:30am. We currently still have power, but it's in and out. We're watching the news, and it looks like the outer bans are past us, and we are now in the outer part of the main circle of the hurricane (which they are currently calling "the doughnut").

My parents, who live towards the middle of Houston, are without power. The eye of the hurricane is in Galveston at this time, or sitting over the bay.

The wind is definitely whipping around here, and I just spoke with Dad on his cellphone, and he said he could hear the wind... quite wild!

There have been scattered fires. In Galveston, a home caught on fire and it spread to other homes. Several businesses in hurricane areas have also caught fire. Some of these may be due to gas leaks, but of course, nothing is for sure.

There are some bad thunderstorms circulating, and I believe my parents will be getting hit with these off and on.

Continue to pray for us all here in the hurricane area. We are keeping phones, laptops, and batteries for our flashlights charged. My husband's laptop has internet, which we can use even if power is out, so I will update down the line.

Yesterday evening we flew a kite outside and the wind was so crazy. It would fly up super high, then make a nose dive, nearly crashing into the ground before swooping up again in different directions.

The kids(and dog) are all sleeping in our room, which is, conveniently, the safest room in our home.

Update #2:

It's 7am. I haven't slept well, but it seems the kids have, so I'm thankful for that. Our power went out for good shortly after I wrote the first update. We were glad it lasted that long. We have two fridges, and we moved all of our stuff we knew we wouldn't need to the one inside yesterday, and I had it turned as cold as it would go. We haven't opened it, and don't plan to. I know food will stay cold when the power goes out if your fridge is stocked and kept on the coldest levels. Of course, icecream will be melted, but hey... not like we REALLY need that stuff anyway. (The rule of thumb is that if you don't open your freezer at all, the food will stay frozen for 1-2 days on a regular fridge. Stand alone freezers will last longer.)

In the other fridge in the garage, we have ice, cokes, and water... plus I froze a couple bottles of milk for Keagan, so he would be able to have some. I am no longer breastfeeding, so he'll only get watered down juice once the milk is gone.

I haven't talked to my mom and dad yet, but will update again once I have. I am sure they are taking quite a beating in their area, much worse than we are. I am eager for the storm to be over (mainly because I hate storms) so I can check out the damage. At times, it has sounded like our garage door has been RIPPED OFF. And, I am hesitant to go into the garage to get the water and drinks we have there until the storm is over, in case opening the door into the garage causes a vacuum effect.

I don't believe we've had any rain damage inside the house. We've checked every few hours, and all seems to be fine. We've been able to see a few houses in our neighborhood from our own home, and they seem to be doing well. It's beginning the lighten up outside (a blue-ish color), so we're not completely in the dark, which is nice.

Sometimes I wish I was a kid and didn't have to worry about all of this stuff because you just KNOW your parents have it in control! Ah, to be niave again.

Anyway, I think that's pretty much it for the update. If you want to check up on the weather in our area, go to our local news station:

Btw, 3 million people are without power. CRAZY, right?

Update #3:
I just spoke with Dad, and he said things are calming down but there's still some rain and wind. The back side still hasn't come all the way through, so they still have more to go through. They are, obviously, still without power, but are also without running water.

I peeked outside and saw a few shingles outside... so, we'll need some roof repair, as I'm sure many will in this area.

Dad said that Chip is in Kingwood, and they have also lost power, but are fine.


Kristin@HomemakerAtHeart said...

I'm watching some online news at work. And praying at my desk.
I hope you're safe.

Heather said...

Praying you all are well and safe--so many of my online friends are in the line of the hurricane.

Renita said...

Have been thinking of all of you. Glad to hear you are all safe. You'll be glad when electricity (and water) is back again, though. It's such an inconvenience. We are expecting rains and high winds to start here at any time but of course, it will be nothing much compared to what y'all have just been through.

Gloria said...

Thanks so much for these updates. I have been worrying about your folks this morn and was going to call but will watch your blog so as to save their cell phone power. I just hope that the power will be back on in a day or two but it doesn't seem to promising. Maybe since your folks are in the hospital district they will be up quickly as they say that is the first area they will restore. We are thinking of you. Stay safe

Kelli Quave said...

I pray you are all safe and your power will be back up soon, but I saw on the news this morning that Houston has around 3 million without that seems daunting. There are folks here in Baton Rouge still without power from Gustav. Robert is helping a neighbor clear a large fallen tree in their backyard. We rec'd $6,000 damage to our camper, and still waiting to hear the damage from our commerical property. I am still sick (Angelina also). Thanks for the updates!

Allison (endless love) said...

I'm glad you were able to update, I was checking every so often yesterday to see if you had! Stay safe!

C & T Bishop Blog said...

So glad for your blog up-dates on this storm!!! Thanks!! Keep safe!

Octamom said...

Glad that you seem to have weathered things well--hope power is up for all your family soon--

Kristin@HomemakerAtHeart said...

I'm sure that you've noticed that I've stopped by your blog 46 kagillion times, it's because I keep checking for updates.

Arlene said...

Thanks so much for the updates. You & your family will remain in my prayers. May our Merciful God keep you safe from the storm.