Monday, September 8, 2008

Munchkins, ah.. munchkins.

It's been a crazy day. It's wasn't particularly eventful. We didn't run any errands. We didn't even leave the house, but my children were absolutely NUTS today. They were into everything, doing stuff they knew they weren't allowed to do, and constantly asking for stuff they knew they weren't allowed to have (over and over and over and over again)! I was about to pull my hair out!

They finally went outside to play as the day wound down and cooled off. They're back inside now, but a couple minutes ago, I saw them "moving". They were pushing their little playhouse from one side of the yard to another! Ha!

Keagan, that mobile little booger, always wants to be in the kitchen when I'm in the kitchen. I had to start putting up a gate to keep him out, because he's a fast little one and would rush for the oven from across the kitchen every time I opened it. I could just see my sweet little one getting burned! You should see the little guy, clinging to the gate, face smashed against it, drool dripping down onto the carpet..... practically begging me (in dadas mamas and googaas) to let him in, or at least hold him while I make dinner.

LOL- the kids are sitting on top of the dog house singing at the top of their lungs. So funny!


LadyBug said...

Do you have a play kitchen? We got one for my son when he was 2 because he would always want to cook with mommy.

I've been reading for a while - I'm a preacher's daughter - and while I don't always agree with what you have to say, I have a ton of respect for you!

Be have a beautiful family!

Future Mrs H said...

Maybe you have a future chef on your hands!

C & T Bishop Blog said...

What a cute little "picture you painted" with that story of your precious kiddos...made me smile! Enjoy them -- they grow-up so quickly!! :) :)

Gloria said...

What a cute post about the kids. Sounds like some good memories to tell them 20 years from now.

Kristin@HomemakerAtHeart said...

future mrs h took the words right out of my mouth!!!