Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rewind Time!

Man, God has really been speaking to me out of the book of Mark this week. I was concerned about the coming hurricane, and was reading when Jesus and his disciples were in a boat, and a storm came. The disciples looked over to see Jesus sleeping, and they woke him up. They were in a panic, but Jesus calmed them.. and the storm. It was a reminder that Jesus is in control, and I need to just have faith that he'll take care of us.

In other news, well.. tomorrow I'll have a one year old. I cannot believe he's already one. At this point, one year ago, I was further than a week overdue, and I was getting tired of the constant questions of, "When are you going to be induced?" ("Never! I'm having an unassisted home birth!") and "You haven't had that baby yet?" ("No, I have, but I'm just really bloated today.")

He was born at 8pm on 9-12-07 and weighed 8 lbs!

Here are some pictures of my sweet baby!

M holding hew new baby brother for the first time!

Kissing my sweetie, who was only a few minutes old!

One of my favorite pictures... one of those few "kodak moments" that I took.


Gloria said...

Give Keagan a Birthday kiss and hug from me. Somehow I didn't get him put on my calendar. Guess he won't notice that I forgot this year but he is on my calendar now so hopefully I won't forget next year. Also need to get your address. Talked to your Mom a couple of times today and hope all goes well for all of you and this Ike storm. Aumt Gloria

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Keagan!

Even in his newborn pictures you can tell it's him!

-Rachel from OD

Nikowa said...

Oh that Kodak moment is precious!

Renita said...

Happy First Birthday Keagan!!!

ruizbe82 said...

What a cutie! You got some good shots there. :)

Happy birthday, Keagan!

From TX to you said...

Happy B'day little K! Hard to believe he's 1 already! Where did the year go? The blog background came from a friend who fwd'd. it to me, but I think she got it from Be safe in the storm! We're in SA watching (and blogging):) from afar.

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe its been that long! Hope he has a wonderful birthday even though he probably won't remember it

(Future H on OD)

Amy said...

A year has flown by! Those pictures melt my heart. (And they give me baby fever something fierce...) I hope you all had a wonderful birthday celebration today. Stay safe in that huge scary storm!

Arlene said...

Happy Birthday Baby K! Isn't it unreal how quick they grow up? Enjoy every moment you have with them. They're the most amazing gifts we'll ever receive.

Blessings, Arlene

mom24 said...

Thanks for stoppin' by my blog! Nice to meet you!

Our first homebirth baby (our 4th child) just turned a year recently also (Oct.)! I was sooo amazed by the difference btwn his birth and the other 3 hospital births (w/epidurals). We were so happy and comfortable and un-stressed at home and my recovery was much faster too!
Our families were not happy with this choice but we were convicted that it was the safest and best way to go for the baby. I love finding other families who know this also.
Happy birthday to your latest little blessing! He's a real cutie! Can you even believe how fast he's growing??!

mom24 (