Thursday, September 25, 2008

Survey: Whatshappenin'?

How does your day normally begin?
Well, it usually begins with rolling out of bed at around seven or so and making breakfast for my husband. The kids keep getting up earlier and earlier, much to my dismay, but I try to keep them in their beds until eight, because I need the peace and quiet before the day really gets rolling. Once eight comes around, I go and bounce on their beds, read a story, and pray with them. I'm guilty of rushing through my prayers, not on purpose, but because they get interrupted repeatedly. I'm so glad we can pray to the Lord throughout the day ("without ceasing") because sometimes it's near impossible to get quiet time.

I'm currently studying the gospel of Mark, so, after breakfast has been served to the munchkins and a bottle made for baby, I settle in my favorite chair with my bible, pen, and study guide.

What's for lunch during an average week?
Grilled cheese or chicken nuggets if there's nothing leftover from the previous night. But, usually there are leftovers.

What's your favorite part of the day?
Hmm.... even though I'm not much of a morning person, I've really come to love it. The mornings have been so beautiful with sunlight pouring through the windows and a slight breeze. Sometimes I sit outside with the dog and watch people load their critters in their cars and drive them off to school. I'm so thankful I get to keep my munchkins at home with me! I am truly blessed!

Least favorite?
Around two or three, the kids become quite irritable, but have had a hard time settling down for naps. This is when they are cranky and argumentative... and I'm ready for a nap as well, so we usually have a clash of wills due to sleepiness! Of course, I have times when the whole day seems like this.... but thankfully, most of them are pretty good!

How does the day usually end?
Well, after a homecooked meal, which we normally eat together as a family, we talk about our days, sometimes watch a little television or a movie. The kids get ready for bed, I put the baby down for the night, and then we pray with the munchkins. Sometimes they fall asleep beforehand, and I have to carry them up to their beds. I love to watch them sleep... such angelic faces!

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Carli said...

So agree with you about mornings...I used to hate them but since I had the boys its such a beautiful time!