Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Bus Stops Here

A school bus stops right in front of my house every weekday. On Wednesdays, if my husband forgets to put the trash out, and I do it instead, I see the bus pull-up. I watch a mother kiss her son good-bye as her other little boys wave to him. Every weekday afternoon I walk to the mailboxes, watch the bus pull up, and watch the boy get off and run into his mother's arms.

It occured to me that little boys mother does a lot of watching as well. She watches her son off to school. She watches him return. She observes the things he's learned.

It reminds me of when little babies are just learning how to crawl, talk, and walk. You don't want to miss a thing. Fathers go off to work, hoping they don't miss the first step. When we send our children off to school, we miss so many firsts. We become observers as so called "professionals" push us to the side and teach our children a combination of what the government thinks our children should learn and what the teacher thinks they should learn.


Public schools continue to blur the lines between gender roles. We're told gender roles aren't important, but they are, and if you look back over time, you can see that as these roles fall apart, so does society. When will women understand that it doesn't make us "unequal" to fill our role in the home? It doesn't make us weak to be keepers of the home and mothers. We do not have to do it all- and we can't- and any woman who believes that is believing a LIE.

When we try to do it all, some area of our life will suffer. Usually, it's our children, our husbands, our loved ones. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR A MOTHER OR FATHER. A great nanny is not a good enough substitute for your constant presence in your children's lives. A public school is not a good enough subsitute for your personal teaching and guidance in their lives! NOTHING can substitute YOUR time and effort.


{Parts of this entry have been cut from this post in order to keep the focus on the main point of this entry. Thank you.}


Heather said...

Great post. It occurred to me that this might interest you:

D. said...

Prop 8 will ELIMINATE the right of same-sex couples to marry, so supporters would be people who are FOR that.

It's a little far fetched to say that if Obama were made president that people who spoke about the bible would face jail time! It would be quite the opposite - more tolerance for those of different faiths. Having someone like Bush in office has made the rest of us who are not Christian feel like we can't be who WE want to be.

Nikowa said...

GREAT post!

Rachel said...


Dharma Momma said...

Just wanted to say - posts like these are why I love your blog. I disagree with most of what you said, but you are passionate about your beliefs, and I respect that.

I support gay marriage. But, I also think that you're right when you say that society is falling to pieces because we have lost our gender identities. Women should be proud to stay at home with their children, and not feel 'less' than her husband, or inadequate for doing it. It's not a weakness to be the nurturer of your home and family any more than it's a weakness to be the 'breadwinner'.

I'm aware that my beliefs aren't cut and dry, and are at times contradictory. But rest assured, not ALL of us 'liberal whackos' (my wording, not yours), want to persecute Christians and others who want to teach their children in a faith-based way. Those of us who 'truly' want equality and freedom would never tell someone they were 'wrong'. I may disagree with you, but that's our right as free citizens. I strongly believe that an Obama presidency would mean MORE freedom for your country, not less. Again though, I'm not American, so my opinion is moot on this topic, but...just sayin'.

j. said...

in your post, you are attacking those who send their kids to public schools and don't raise them as christians, and yet you're afraid of being persecuted if obama wins? i'm not sure i understand that.

i love your blog, even though i disagree with your political views. i really admire the way you raise your kids as well.

Julie said...

"I think it's a little ironic that the people who are constantly whining about "freedom for everyone to live how they desire" are the ones shackling up Christians (metaphorically, usually). These are the same people who want to take away our rights to homeschool our children and train them up in the way of the Lord."

This quote sums up the whole thing! I agree that Christians are headed for persecution. I'm trying to decide if that would be a bad thing for this lazy apathetic nation of supposed Christians. Sorry this is a big soapbox for me. :) Great post!!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Westboro Baptist Church.

Full of Heart said...

Mandy, you and I have both come very far together and been friends for awhile now but PHEW! Do you and I ever disagree about many, many things!

Kristin said...

it looks as though this post has created a tid bit of controversy. LOL

I have to admit that this is a great post, your passionate in your convictions, you express how you feel and your beliefs with such eloquence and you say them with the utmost sencerity, which is why I love, love, love your blog.

I've said it once before and I'll say it again, I think it's funny how we are so a like on several things and so different on others. I think full of hearts took the words right out of my mouth.

Jess said...

The first paragraph of your post reminds me of my homeschooling neighbor. Ironically the public school bus stop is in front of her house as well.
I sent my daughter to public school for K-2. And twice a day, every day I observed this homeschooling family. The mom always seemed to have everything together (even with multiple kids) and I was always in such a hurry (with my one kid). I loved the way she talked with her kids and played with her kids. She seemed to be really enjoying life. And my heart began to ache to be a mom like that. To live a life like that.
And they are the real reason I homeschool - because they were such great examples to me. I was watching them when they didn't even know it.
Just like you! How neat. You never know who is watching and who you are influencing on a daily basis. Keep up the good work :)