Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Day in the Life

I'm often asked what a day in our life looks like. I kept trying to capture it on film (okay, digital "film"), but I'd always forget to keep track of the whole day... so here is what the average day looks like- which took me three days of trying to remember to take photos to finally get it down.

After I wake up, I read my bible, pray, then pop in some music. I like the WOW! That's Christian Music hits for the morning. I love starting my day singing praise to God! When the kids get up, they like to dance around to the music and sing at the top of their lungs... which, okay, I do too.

I shower (wash that mop!).... I'll be so thankful when my hair is several inches longer and can easily be tossed in a messy bun, instead of having to go through a line of styling aids.

Get prettied up (I love Bare Essentials make-up- its so light and natural looking.)

And, at about 8am, go to get the kids up... who, usually are already up, as you can see. They've already managed to tear N's room apart! (N likes to use the cola boxes as his "robot arms".)

I give Kbaby a bottle (you should have seen him try to hold it with two pacifiers in his hand). As you can see, he's very excited about getting breakfast in bed.

I bring him downstairs and put him in his play thingy while I fix breakfast. The kids make their bed and clean their bedrooms until I call them down.

Then I bathe the muncherooskis. (Yes, our bathroom is Texas themed.) After baths, I start a load of laundry.

One day a week, we go get doughnuts from Shipley's. I call this "research". We are "researching" the different shapes, flavors, and textures of these baked goods. (He he!)

Kbaby gets researches a cake doughnut, which he INHALES.

Chocolate cream filled (chocolate doughnut with white cream inside) are my favorite. I research them a lot. Takes a lot of lab work, you know.

After breakfast, M is eager to learn the next letter sound. She wanted me to take a picture of her beautiful F. This particular day, we talk about the letter F (except, instead of calling it F, we use the sound it makes when referring to the letter) and flip through magazines looking for pictures of things that have the fffff sound in them. (Handwriting Without Tears is an AWESOME program for teaching how to write letters, and Ruth Beechick really knows her stuff when it comes to teaching how to recognize letters/sounds and read.)

Here's a quick lunch. It's rice and gravy (which is made out of cream of chicken). It doesn't look incredibly appealing in this picture, but the flavor reminds me of rice pilaf. Mmmm.

While waiting for the food to cool (and then, once I had finished and the kids were being "Pokey Puppies" [as MawMaw calls them]) I read The Boxcar Children. I admit. I am wearing maternity jeans here... I really need to lose an inch or two around the belly... and tone it up. Hey, my maternity jeans are VERY comfortable, but very stylish.

When we were done reading the chapters for the day, we started making our own boxcar, and Merikalyn drew the four boxcar children. (As recorded in my other blog,

Merikalyn wanted a "real desk", so I made her this little "school area" in the corner of our livingroom, next to the piano. I bought the letter strips at Dollar Tree. The "desk" is actually a seat my Grandpa made me for a desk I use to have. It's the perfect height for her. I wrote her name and N's name on lined strips (also found at Dollar Tree), which she loves to copy, and covered the desk with contact paper. She loves having her own little "nook"... except she and Nolyn fight over it.. so I'll have to find another spot for him!

Nolyn plays with the "sticks" (provided by Sonlight) to make letters. Honestly, I was surprised that he wanted to be right there with everything we read and did! I didn't realize he was actually paying attention, but this proves that he was. He loves these things so much, he plays with them often!

Then they got all the wood sticks (and curves) and made "me" with a "cloud head". Then Merika said, "OH NO.. YOU DONT HAVE HANDS" and added arms out of my cloud head. Nice, right? Bet you didn't know my arms came out of my noggin. I hide it well.

Ever since we received our package of Sonlight goodies, the kids and I have been looking forward to cracking open "The Llama Who Had No Pajama", a book of silly poems. Even though it wasn't listed on the lesson plan, we read the poem that has the same name as the title of the book.. and had a good giggle! Then we make up our own silly rhymes.

The house usually calms down around three, and the kids quitely do "their own thing", which could include a nap, or a doodle session. Usually, Merikalyn folds and puts away the laundry around this time, and I do household chores. I found Nolyn drawing out a spaceship at the kitchen table next to a jug of Diet Coke that he balanced on top of a juice bottle! Ha!

Now, I kept forgetting to take pictures after my husband got home (which makes sense, because, around that time, I'm busy with supper and just hanging out with my babe that everything else slips my mind). What usually happens during this time:

Hubby calls, I start dinner. He gets home and is attacked by miniature versions of ourselves. We eat, talk about our day, laugh at goofy and random things the children say. Then we clean up, and relax on the couch. Sometimes we go for a walk after our food has settled in our bellies and the hot Texas heat has lowered with the sun.

Before the kids go to bed, Daddy reads to them (this week it's been out of Hero Tales- which is a book about different missionaries who have done great things in the Lord's name). This is usually a big event, which involved pulling out the map and showing the places where these people lived, ministered, and helped, as well as a lesson in vocabulary as we talk about some of the words the book uses, such as "confidence" and "resourcefulness". Keagan is often the last to go to bed, because he has to get up for a final diaper change before we go to bed so I don't walk into his bedroom in the morning to find an overflowing diaper and soaked bed.

He's my little helper.... helping me empty the dishwasher..

And making sure I put the spoons in the right spot when I fill it again. (And, my husband, who is manning the camera, watches us from his cozy spot on the couch.)

After this, we all head to bed! Of course, that's a "basic run down" of our day... which, obviously, includes much more than that... but, hey, you get the idea. Bedtime for us ranges from 9:30pm to 11:30pm, depending on what's going on and how exhausted we are.


Victoria said...

Sounds like you guys are very busy! I love to hands on experiences you provide the kiddos.

If you look up emergant writing you'll see that arms out of the head is par for their age group :o)

Kimberley said...

Good maternity jeans are awesome for slouchy comfy days, and there are so many that don't look like mat jeans! ;O)
I have a great pair of black skinny jeans that sadly still fit, but look so great that I actually still wear them.

Good job on the DiTL

Renita said...

I love the little desk area for M! And, I'd love to come help you research sometime! :)

Mother Hen said...

I loved your "run down" day in pictures. How brave of you. Thanks for letting us all get to know you better in this way.
I can't remember if I told you or not, but I tagged you for a meme. Come on over to and read all about it.

Arlene said...

WOW Christian Hits is on my favorites list too. I try to get them every year.

Love the pic where you're all sitting on the big comfy chair reading. You look as much like a kid as your offspring do.

Have a blessed week.

Luke said...

Very good stuff. I'm going to steal your "research" idea. That is just way too good.


C & T Bishop Blog said...

Fun to see all the photos!!! :) The kids are soooo cute!!!

Kristin-Homemaker@Heart said...

I love doing "a day in the life of me" posts! Maybe I'll do that too!

Anita Ann said...

Sounds like a well planned out day. Looks like you all have fun.