Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures of growing blessings!

I wanted to share these recent photos of my precious growing blessings!

She looks like she's wearing make-up, but I promise, she's not!

This is the one shot in which he wasn't making a goofy or roaring face.
(And that's his worn out stuffed dog.)

Squeals of delight from the baby!

And, a photo of me holding my babiest. :)


Gloria said...

What a cute great niece and hansome great nephews. I love their happy pictures.

Martha said...

Hi, Mandy - I enjoy reading your blog SO much! You are a lovely, remarkable & talented young woman! I am your dad's cousin, Martha Ewing. Your grandmother, Genell Turner, is my aunt. My son had a stem cell transplant at MD Anderson Cancer Center in '94, so you might remember coming to visit us with your folks when we were in Houston. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that your children are just beautiful! They are fortunate to have such a loving and nurturing mother and father!

C & T Bishop Blog said...

Awwww....cute cousins we have!! Hug 'em for us! :)

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