Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Jr. High Mandy

This month's (and maybe next month's) Wordless Wednesdays will be "flashbacks" (and probably not very wordless).

Grumpy teenager who didn't like her smile.
8th grader trying to find her place in the world, or at least trying to fit in at school. Even if it was possible, you couldn't pay enough to relive those days.


Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh me either!!!!

& you sure are BRAVE posting old photos! :)

Heather said...

Oh absolutely! I HATED everything when I was in 8th grade, especially school, which was my life. Hmm--should see if I can find my album. Probably not since everything is all packed away while we finish the flooring.

Tiany said...

You look beautiful then and now! :-)

Julie said...

Your so pretty in that picture.

I enjoyed 8th grade, but mostly because I think I did not know better. I was lame, but it was ok because I had the best lame friends. LOL

Sherry said...

My daughter is in 8th, and I can so see her doing this. LOL!

Kristin-Homemaker@Heart said...

I honestly loved middle school and high school. Band, choir, football games, cheerleading, swimming, hockey...yeah, I was one of THOSE girls. I don't particularily {sp?} like the person that I was, but I had fun.
Not that I got into trouble, or did anything bad...I just wasn't a very nice person. :(

Renita said...

Don't you love what pictures remind you of? :) They can bring back a thousand memories.
BTW, I responded to your tag on my blog. :)

Arlene said...

Eighth grade was my favorite. I had transferred from a school that was very competitive and dog eat dog, to a school that was fun, and made learning enjoyable. I was just entering "teenagehood" so life wasn't perfect, but I have great memories.

Even with that serious face you're prettier than any super model. I also can see what your daughter will look like in a few years. Blessings.