Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: A load of flashbacks

I promised more "flashback" photos for (not-so) Wordless Wednesday.... and here they are, up to the birth of our first child.

This is one of my graduation pictures. I had braces, and didn't want to ruin my picture by smiling. (Ha!) Senior year was a blast for me. I switched to homeschool that year, combined my Jr. and Sr. years into one, and graduated at the age of sixteen!

Doing college homework. I went to a community college for one semester.

You can't see my feet, but I was skating. I still have my skates, but haven't put them to use in quite a while. It seems every time I think about it- I'm pregnant, and well, I'm not to graceful to begin with, so having a huge belly throws me even more off balance! Balance is definitely a necessity when skating! I think Brandon and I had just started dating around the time this photo was taken.

I will never be this thin again, nor do I want to be. TOOTHPICK! You can definitely tell I have yet to have children here! (That's my beautiful mom next to me, btw.)

We were engaged at this time. We wore our wedding rings on our right hands (as you can see in this picture), until our wedding day.

John L. officiated our wedding. I look back and think, "Gracious woman, why didn't you hop in a tanning booth so your skin wouldn't have matched your dress?" I'm not exactly pro-tanning, but, obviously, I needed a little sun!

The new little family- our little girl, about a month old.

Four generations! Granny holding Merikalyn, Me, and my Daddy!

Sweet baby Merikalyn. Some days I wish I could rewind and enjoy those days again. I feel like I didn't cherish her as much in her infant years because I didn't know what I was doing!!!! Now babies are a breeze!


Layla said...

yay for flashback photos!

Wenchy said...

layla = lauren/womyn by the way. lol. forgot i was on a different account

Kristin-Homemaker@Heart said...

flash back pics are so neat...I can't decide who you look like more..your mom or your dad. :o)

Gloria said...

I loved the pictures even if flashbacks make me feel old. Lindsay turned 21 yesterday but we won't celebrate until a few days later and then I will post some Bd pictures. A 21 year old grandaughter, now that is an unbelieveable flashback.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the flashback idea! :)

Renita said...

I loved all of these pictures...especially the one of you and Aunt Cathy. That is a gorgeous picture. You should enlarge it and frame it. What a neat picture. How well I remember your wedding and remembering you as my little flower girl and now you were married, too! :) Love the flashback pics!