Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Children, overpopulation, stewardship...

My house is full of snotty-nosed kids who blow mucus bubbles every time they sneeze. (Wonderfully disguting, right?) But still they seem to be happy and cheerful. The baby is jabbering at his bottle, inspecting it's emptiness with a keen eye then smashing his pacifier against it before shoving the plug back in his mouth.

He watches the other kids race passed him, then wiggles his own legs (he's sitting in his stationary play area- something that looks much like a walker except it doesn't move). Sometimes he whines at them, as if to say, "I want to run, too! Why don't my legs work like yours?"

But he's easily distracted, and the whining turns into giggles, grins, and eye-brow raising as he tosses the bottle to the floor and the last little drops of milk spill out.

He deliberately blinks slowly at me, giving me a flirty look as babies do which captures my heart and makes me want a million more.

The sweet little eyelashes flutter and then he squinches his eyes when the dog takes a big lick at his face. He squeals and pushes the dog away, who then runs off in the same direction the older children went- little paws pounding up the stairs and probably flying onto one of their beds. Apparently the dog likes being tortured, otherwise she would steer clear of them and stay within my sight.

I am curled up on one end of the couch typing away with my bible beside me as I just finished reading it. II Chronicles, to be exact. It just happened to be where my bible opened up to, and, by no coincidence, happens to go right along with what has been on my mind lately.

I hear so many people say that overpopulation of the world is to blame for all these issues we have. I hear them say that currently, we cannot sustain life with this many people... and it's all because of "selfish people" like me or "crazy religious people" like me who have more than 1.2 children, people like me who allow God to control our wombs... which might mean we have no children... or might mean we have a dozen.

This sounds utterly ridiculous to me. Our world is the way it is because we are sinful and disobedient. America is failing and flailing because our nation has turned against God. The only thing population has to do with it is that the majority of our population no longer fears and respects God.

We live in a world where idols are worshipped- maybe not in an obvious way, maybe not idols as in the days of Asa, but I see idols. I see people worshipping other people. I use to just astonished at the way people worshipped celebrities like Oprah. I bet they never got that excited about Jesus.

Our nation is sex-obsessed. We plaster sin up on billboards. We openly condone it. We haven't been good stewards of the things God has given us. We've wrecked out earth. We've wrecked out bodies. We haven't been the teachers and leaders we are suppose to be in our families. We haven't followed God's direction.

Even Christians- or those that call themselves Christians- have fallen into these lies the world tells us and have become a part of the world. They are OF the world now, not merely in it.. but of it.... no longer a help, but a hindrance to God's will.

In chapter 15 (II Chronicles), the Spirit of God enters Azariah, who goes to Asa (King of Judah). Azariah tells the kind "The LORD is with you when you are with him. If you obey him, you will find him. If you leave him, he will leave you." Azariah tells the people to obey God and to follow His instruction. Asa felt convicted, and removed the idols from all of Judah, Benjamin, and the towns he had captured in the hills of Ephraim. He repaired the LORDs alter. A sacrifice was made, and the people made an aggrement to obey the LORD with their whole being. The bible says that anyone who refused to obey the LORD was to be killed. The people praised and worshipped God, serving Him from their heart, so the LORD gave them peace in their lands.

When we look through the Word of God, we can see what happened to nations that turned their back on God. We can also see what happened to those nations that repented and obeyed God.

Of course, people do not want to take responsibility for their own mistakes. I suppose it is much easier to point the finger at "religious freaks", to blame those who believe children are a blessing from the LORD, and say, "It's your fault!"

It seems absolutely INSANE to me. Nevermind the debt that's been created because we're greedy. Nevermind the lands we've polluted and ruined because we need "more stuff" as cheap and quick as possible. Nevermind that few people live off the land (or even have the knowledge to, if they had to).

It's not over-population. It's the fact that the population we have is greedy. It's that our people have not been good stewards.

I haven't been a good steward either, so I'm right in there taking the blame, but I refuse to put the blame on my reproduction organs that God put into use.

I started this post telling you about what's going on this morning. How could I ever NOT have these beautiful blessings? What would I do without them? How can anyone say they shouldn't BE because our earth cannot support them?

That's one reason why my husband have really big digging into the knowledge of how to care for ourselves and our family by living off the land... with little or no modern technology. It would be so wonderful to be able to have a little land- four or five acres or so. I often pray for this, but I leave it in God's hands.

My thoughts are scrambled... it makes sense to me, but it's hard for me to put into words. I hope you have been able to understand my point. Forgive any typos... I'm not going to proof read!


Arlene said...

I've been saying these same things and I get this look from people like I'm speaking Chinese or something. No one wants to take the blame for our world's situation; it's much easier to point the finger. Only when we appreciate all God has done for us and given us can we become responsible and make changes in our lives to reflect how much we care about our blessings.

Kudos to you for following your convictions even though it isn't popular.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving! God bless.

GraceFromHim said...

I am exited to find your blog, we have much in common! I added you to follow :)
Have a blessed day,