Thursday, November 20, 2008

HOTM meme- About us!

I'm a little late, but hey, better late than never right?

Heart of the Matter's Weekly Meme (from November 14th):

Things That Make Our Family Unique. What experiences do you have that you can share with other mothers?

1. I was homeschooled my final year of highschool (my choice). I combined my junior and senior year together, allowing me graduate early.

2. When I was younger, I wanted to be a interior designer, actress, child psychologist, and fashion designer (all at once). Instead, I became a mom, which is about 1000 careers in one.

3. I'm from a little town in Texas called Alvin. (Home of Nolan Ryan!)

4. I would love to have a dozen children. Preferably not all from one birth, though. (But I'll take as many or as few as God blesses me with.)

5. I was born at a very young age. (This is my dad's saying... and if you don't get it.. then keep reading it until you do.)

6. My husband is very talented. He can build a house, lay out a gorgeous landscape, fix toilets, invent things from scratch, but he also knows how to garden, sew, cook (man, can he cook), and put together a beautiful bouquet of flowers. His mama taught him well!

ps- What is a meme?
A "meme" is known as a question or set of questions or ideas focused on one theme. In other words, a meme is a themed blog post which is much like a customizable chain letter. One person writes about a specific theme and encourages others to do the same (while linking to the original poster).

Since so few people understand where the word comes from and what it means, it is often mispronounced as "me-me" instead of "meem" (as in theme, replacing th with m).


Kathleen said...

You're absolutely right...motherhood is about 1000 jobs all wrapped into one! And thanks for defining "meme"! I posted in response to this HOTM meme, but I didn't know exactly what a meme was...thought maybe it came about from a misspelled attempt at "memo"! LOL

justme27 said...

Cute new background!