Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Living from scratch

My husband and I are "getting back to basics". He pretty much knows how to do everything. If we were shipwrecked on a deserted island, I'd be in good hands.. as long as he was there!

We've been really looking into and preparing (mentally, spiritually, financially, physically) for harder times. They are coming, I know they are. I feel the skills our grandparents and great-grandparents have now become "lost arts" for most of our nation.

So, while we are beginning to slowly (very slowly) set back items (food, charcoal, toilet paper, etc), we're also beginning to learn things that will benefit us "just in case" something happens.

Of course, for my husband, a lot of what he is learning is a refresher course! (Cajun men like him are good ol' country fellas that could live life from "scratch" and love it!)

One of the things I wanted to learn how to do was knit. I know how to sew, and I even know how to weave, but I've never learned how to knit. So I set out to do that today. So far I've mastered casting on, but haven't quite figured out how to knit a row. My book isn't very clear (it should be more clear than it is- it's written for kids!), but I've received a lot of help from knittinghelp.com (great videos) and learntoknit.com.

I forgot how fun it is to learn something new- just just a little bit of information, like a new recipe- but a whole new hobby or task. It's awesome!

It made me think, what if we didn't have any electricity and had to survive without so many of the things we are use to? The Amish are accustomed to this. (I may have to become Amish!) But, me? What if we had to do things the "old fashioned way"? I

I've never been camping. I mean, I've stayed in a tent at a church convention a few times when I was a child, but bathrooms were nearby and every meal was provided... so that's not really camping... is it?

I've never wanted to go camping, but now I think.. maybe I should.... in a safe environment- like with my three cousins who seem to know what they are doing, and my husband who is pretty useful as well.

By the way, I also learned how make a hut today. And tomorrow I'm learning how to make fire.

Me woman. Me make fire.

HARRRG. Ooga Ooga. *Pounds chest*

Who is being homeschooled here?

(Btw, Brandon is reading a book about how to make bow and arrows and tan/smoke a hide... in case you were wondering.)

Oh, and if we should some how escape Depression Era #2, at least I'll be prepared when the next hurricane hits... and I'll be able to knit while waiting for power to be restored. Then I can build everyone in Galveston huts to live in while they rebuild their homes.


Mommy N said...

sounds like you and the family have been busy. It's amazing how I was expected to learn something new as a kid all the time. Once I graduated hs, I was expected to go to college to learn a skill or trade. Yet, now that I'm an adult and the expectations are gone, I don't seem to put as much pressure on myself to learn new things. My hats off to you and your new endeavors. Can't wait to see pics!

homemakeratheart said...

oh you're just too cute!

Louisiana Momma said...

I have been on that homesteading kick too.. when we move I already have plans to raise chickens and rabbits for food and perhaps have a small garden.. in these unstable times it is necessary to learn how to do things the "old fashioned way".. I think the best way to learn how to knit is go to an introductory class first (hobby lobby and michaels has them quite often) then go home and read the books -it makes more sense that way.. I know how to knit - just the basic knit and pearl.. so I could make a bunch of squares into a blanket, but that's about it.. lol.. I do have some of those round knitting looms.. they make the knitting much easier..

From TX to you said...

How hilarious, but fun at the same time! I've always wanted to learn how to knit! You know if you knit a hat and mittens, you might have to take a trip up North to use them in the colder weather-ha!:)

Renita said...

Way to plan ahead!! :)

EstonianWife said...

Knitting is my favourite handicraft, because I can read while I knit. And so practical, too, because if the socks or sweater or whatever you have are too old and have holes in them, you can always unknit it and use the yarn for something else - maybe not all of it, but some. When I was small, all my striped socks were made of second-sock yarn - and they were just as warm as new and fun to look at!

xprettybeautiful said...

I am have also had some what of an epiphany as well i want to live form scratch but my husband just doesn't get it. can't look past the little stuff. like your being paranoid, blah blah blah. YOu are lucky you husband and you are at least ont he same page