Sunday, November 23, 2008

Smile for the camera!

There are so many things I want to write about- a mixture of topics- that it's hard for me to finger which one I should approach today. Do I tell you how each time I discipline my children, I feel I'm scolding or discipling myself? (Like when I tell my son, "Sometimes you just need to be quiet and listen!" I feel God saying, "Ahem, you too.") Do I write about the sermon today which aligned so perfectly with my personal bible study and reminded me that God keeps His promises, and I need to be patiently waiting, instead of trying to force the hand (Sarai and Haggar, anyone?). How about mentioning the sweet little chatters of my children (Mommy? Can we mail the card in the cantelope [envelope] for Jesus' dirtbay [birthday]?).

Well, I don't have time to write it all out, so how about I share some of the photos I took yesterday?

The only way to get a decent photo of the munchkin was to give him something to eat, and this cookie (which I baked a couple days ago) was just the ticket!

I cannot believe how big he is getting! He's going to be FOUR soon!

And this little girl.... *sigh* Not so little!

Nolyn wanted to take some photos of me. This was my favorite of them all. :) I was having a good "face" day, as I call it. (And those days are rare! Ha!)

Brandon had to work (as he sometimes has to do on Saturdays), which is why there are no photos of my handsome husband.


Victoria said...

I love your new layout!

The home said...

It looks great here! :)

Neisey said...

Cute pictures. You have such a sweet family.