Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving and more thanksgiving

First and foremost- it is NOT suppose to be this hot in the middle (end?) of fall. I am weary from the up and downs of the weather- mostly up, as it is.

On the bright side, I am getting to know my neighbors better. We met them when we moved in, and made more contact with them during and after Hurricane Ike, but never really got to know them. They have children near the ages of our children, but, until today, they've never played together. The girl, Bali, was playing outside with a friend on a trampoline. My children were excited to see them fly in the air, far above the fence and back down again. Eventually, their conversation led to, "Come over!" and that's where it starts.

I love how children do not hesitate, not even for a second, to make new friends. And, when they make new friends, so do I- so I enjoy this aspect of parenthood as well.

Tomorrow, we're heading to my parents' condo for our family celebration. My grandfather will be there (Dad's Dad). I haven't seen him in exactly four years. I remember this because, four years ago, I was pregnant with Nolyn and my parents were still living in my childhood home.

I love Thanksgiving, because I love to hang out with my Dad's side of the family. My Uncle Tommy is hilarious.... just like my dad. With the two of them together, it's like "corn"fest... but I like that style of goofy humor. Plus, my cousins (Tom and Tam's sons) are homeschooled and incredibly intelligent and talented. All three of them play the violin and are magnificent. They are definitely a beautiful picture of homeschooling done right.

Friday, we hope to have lunch with my family before we head to Louisiana to see my in-laws and friends. I'm hoping I'll get to meet my new niece before we head back home, but she might be stubborn and decide to wait until her induction date to arrive.

One thing I am very thankful this year is that Thanksgiving is not hectic and nuts like it was when we owned the restaurant. Churning out 300+ fried and smoked turkeys for the season always left us weary, so we usually crashed afterwards, instead of enjoying time with family.

And who really wants to eat turkey after cooking and carving them all day, eh?

Anyway, I need to get started on my painting for my little nieces bedroom. I'm so excited, I can't wait to see her! (I got the opportunity to hold my neighbors three-month-old and felt my uterus ache.)

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Heather said...

What a wonderful blessing. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. We have snow for Thanksgiving of all things.