Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Reformation Day/Weekend

I wonder if God smiles when he sees little ones pretending to read the bible, because they think it is the best book ever.

You have to admit, his little pout IS adorable.


Nikowa said...

Oh yes pout is adorable.

You have a lovely family :)

ourtinydot said...

You know this... but your kids are adorable. I love to look at your blog because your pictures are always so "genuine" for lack of a better word. I love the family pictures in this post, too. Everyone looks so natural and relaxed... a look that is hard to get with teens. :)

From TX to you said...

Those family pictures are great, Mandy! I love the black and white one too. Merika's little peek out from behind you is too cute.:)