Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Biblical Womanhood & Biblical Manhood

I wanted to share these youtube videos with you all, but there are quite a few (each lasting an average of 10 minutes), so I am just providing the first of each topic along with the links to the rest.

Voddie Baucham is one of the pastors of our church. Voddie, along with Paul (the other pastor), are the type of preachers who speak "straight up", no apologies, no sugar coating, no watering down.

"We've heard the polluted version for so long that the truth is almost foreign to us," says Voddie in regards to biblical manhood and womanhood.

Even if you only have the opportunity to listen to one of these videos, do so! No matter what your gender, you will benefit from listening to both series. For those women are single, listening to the manhood side will help you pick a husband. Ditto, for the men who are single- Voddie explains the qualities men should look for in a wife. He also clears up what submission is (in Womanhood part 8).

Biblical Womanhood

Biblical Womanhood Part 2
Biblical Womanhood Part 3
Biblical Womanhood Part 4
Biblical Womanhood Part 5
Biblical Womanhood Part 6
Biblical Womanhood Part 7
Biblical Womanhood Part 8

Biblical Manhood

Biblical Manhood Part 2
Biblical Manhood Part 3
Biblical Manhood Part 4
Biblical Manhood Part 5
Biblical Manhood Part 6
Biblical Manhood Part 7
Biblical Manhood Part 8


Christie said...

I listened to the Biblical Womanhood series several months ago and was extremely blessed! Voddie Baucham has been such an encouragement to our family... we've thoroughly enjoyed and been challenged by everything we've heard from him.

Miss Rachel said...

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love and blessings to yours!

Ali said...

I've been following the work of Voddie Baucham since my freshman year of college. He came and spoke at our chapel and I've been "hooked" ever since. His honesty is, quite frankly, addicting! Even my husband thinks he's pretty neat; even when he disagrees with him! lol. Thanks for posting these. I kind of got the "condensed" version. Truly a blessing! Happy Monday!