Monday, December 22, 2008

Good books and Coming Christmas

I've become addicted to Beverly Lewis' books. First of all, I love reading about the Amish. The lifestyle appeals to me- simplicity and all. Anyway, I've been reading Wanda E. Brunstetter's books (she also writes Amish fiction), but Lewis' books are much better in that she is able to weave together many story lines and her books are not as predictable as Brustetter's. They are both great authors, but Lewis' aren't just Amish love stories.

So far, I'm reading the Annie Zook series (3 books in all) and The Heritage of Lancaster County Series (The Shunning, The Confession, and The Reckoning). Books-a-million had a whole bin devoted to Christian fiction... for 75% off! I picked up the Annie series there, and The Reckoning, but didn't realize it was part of a series until I got home... so I ordered the other two from a seller on Amazon for super-duper cheap.

I've been going through books like crazy. If it were not for Half-Price books and BAM's sale bin, I'd have to find some other hobby. :)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Christmas. We're having chicken and beef fajitas over here with all the fixin's. And, my husband is off for the week following Christmas... so that's my Christmas gift right there! Lots of time with my hunky hubby!

Here are a few photos from our Christmas last year (when we lived in Louisiana)... see how much we've grown (har har):

Merika and Nolyn have gotten so much bigger... and M's hair is so beautiful and long now.

My hair has grown out some too... a little below my shoulders now. Hopefully by next Christmas it will be to the middle of my back!

The kids had a blast with Unca Chip last year.. and will this year as well. They are going to be so excited when they find out he got them a swing set for Christmas!

Oh, and look.. me and hubsters! :) I think I've gotten a little plumper and he's lost a little weight.

Can't wait to share my photos from this Christmas with you... if I remember to take some! :)


From TX to you said...

Those Annie Zook books are awesome! I've read all 3. My G'ma was born into a Mennonite colony very close to where Teresa and Charlus live, so I find the Amish lifestyle interesting too. And to think that G'ma's family lived that way (so simply) amazes me. Happy Holidays to all of you!!:)

justme27 said...

I too am (mildly) obsessed with simplicity and the Amish. This is a cool blog that's as close as you can get to reading an Amish blog.

I love Beverly Lewis' books. You can find most of them on I just had one sent to a friend as a Christmas gift! I got her hooked on them. :)

~*Mona*~ said...

I too enjoy Beverly Lewis more, but do enjoy Brunstetter's as well. I love the simplicity and really they tend to encourage me in real life ;o)

I don't get much time to read, but when I do that is definitely a good author to grab!

Enjoy your reading!

LadyBug said...

I have read all of Brunstetter and Lewis' books. I will send you an email with some other books and authors you will love. Have a great holiday!

Nikowa said...

LOVE your pics :)

Christy Sunshine said...

Great pics, girl! I am a huge fan of Beverly Lewis, as well! I have a whole shelf of her books in my bookcase!

Renita said...

I've read the Beverly Lewis books, too! I absolutely love them! We visited the amish community of Yoder,KS when we were visiting Charlus and Teresa in November. Their simple lifestyle appeals to me, too but when I really think about it...I am glad for automobiles, electricity, etc...there's something to be said for modern conveniences. :) I'm starting a new series by Lauraine Snelling. There are a ton of books by her so I'll have to let you know what I think of them. Happy Reading!!

Jess said...

Agree with you about the simplicity!
Cute post!