Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How many is many?

Keagan- 1 month old (Nov '07)
Babies are great, aren't they? But they grow up way too fast.

Yesterday, Merikalyn approached Brandon. "Daddy, I need to talk to you about something."
She took his hand, leading him into the bedroom where they plopped on the bed.
"What is it, honey?" he questioned.
"Well, Dad, we need more babies," she began, face set in a serious expression.
"Yes, it is very important that we have more boys and girls in this house."
"Hmm," he replied thoughtfully, "And how would we have more children?"
"In Mommy's belly, silly!" she giggled.
"Of course!" he nodded. "So, how many children do you think we should have."
She looked at her hands and slowly began to raise her fingers.
"Ten?" he observed.
"Welllllll...." she said, squinting her eyes and pursing her lips. "Maybe eleven."

After Brandon explained the chat to me, Merika piped up, "Well, sixteen would be better."

Ha! That's my girl!

Merikalyn, age 5 1/2


~*Mona*~ said...

Too cute! My two oldests want several children when they grow up. I was really surprized when my 7 yr boy said he wanted 10! lol :o)

The thoughts of children are too cute :o)


Louisiana Momma said...

kids are something arent they? They always manage to give me a daily laugh..

Beverly Lewis is a great author. I live in amish country PA for a few years as a kid.. I read one of her series (can't remember which one now) - but I was reading them within a day or two and then on to the next one :-)

You guys have a VERY merry Christmas.

Arlene said...

So much for the idea that kids feel neglected if they have too many siblings. I was the oldest of 4, and I can't imagine growing up without my brother & sisters. I always felt sorry for kids who had no siblings. What a lonely place to be.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Audrey said...

What a smart girl! Too cute!