Friday, December 19, 2008


It's hard to believe Christmas is almost here. In six days, we'll be celebrating the wonderful gift that is Christ with our family.

Remember all that cleaning did last week? Well, you can't tell at all. Since then, toothpaste has been smeared on the bathroom tile, toys are tucked all over the place like Easter eggs, and all kitchen and livingroom surfaces are littered with all sorts of items ranging from evangecubes and books to tulle and wrapping paper.

[Side note- First, my sleeping little fingers types: rapping paper, and instantly I had this picture pop into my mind of a roll of wrapping paper with crossed arms and a backwards hat saying,"Yo, yo, yo! I'm the paper that raps, and I'm not talking' 'bout gifts. I'm rolling out lines and pumpin' out hits."..... I know, I'm nerdy. Btw, did you know the actually sell wrapping paper with rap lyrics on it? I googled it! Unfortunately, I couldn't find any clip art of cartoon wrapping paper to go along with this post and am too lazy to make my own.]

Anyway, isn't that the cost of preparing for any holiday? (Messes.... not necessarily accompanied by corny (w)rapping paper, I mean.) At least it's an organized chaos, if you know what I mean, and not a complete wreck.

Organized chaos is when you can look through the mess and still see the base of a clean home, a home that would only take about an focused hour or two to restore back to it's grandness.

So, what is going on here in our household? Well, my poor hubby hasn't been feeling too hot (sinuses, bah!), and yesterday our van went kaplickityplat. However, instead of feeling frustrated and upset, I was actually..... glad. You see, our van needs a good tune up and new tires, but we haven't been able to afford that expense just yet, and my husband uses the van for work (so it is often loaded with all sorts of things from ceiling tiles to ladders). It started acting a little funky a month ago, but cleared up, but I knew it was bound to happen again. I'm thankful that it happened just a few miles from our home, and Brandon was able to pull into a parking lot before it died. I'm also thankful that there is a really good auto shop between there and our house, and they arranged to have it towed to the shop (after we unloaded all the things Brandon would need for work).

Most of all, I'm thankful that my husband is getting his bonus check today, so we can afford to take care of this issue, and that he'll be off for a week following Christmas (so he can use up his paid vacation before they expire at the end of the year), so if they should need to work on the van for longer than a few days, we won't have to worry about it should we both need a vehicle at the same time. I felt like God was watching over us and providing for us, as He always does.

Anyway, today my friend Crystal is coming over for lunch. I've known Crystal for a long, long time. We use to play together as kids at the annual church convention in Texarkana, although, at the time, she was just my good friend's little cousin who we had to allow to tag along every where. Now she and her husband Pierre live in the town I grew up in. We don't exactly live close to each other (I'm on the North outer parts of Houston and she's on the South outer parts of Houston which translates into more than an hour's drive), but she's going to be on this side of town anyway... so it works out.

She's a teacher and is really good with children.... so my kids have totally attached themselves to her. When she comes over, the kids have to tell her about everything that has happened since we last saw her and show them all the new toys and crafts they have. She's really sweet, and I'm not just saying that because she sometimes reads my blog. (Hehe!)

Today I'm going to test out a recipe to make petits fours. I always loved those growing up, and sometimes someone would send us a box from Swiss Colony for Christmas. Mine are more like cake pops, not as detailed as theirs which literally look like mini-cakes with iced layers and all.

I'll post pictures later... and I haven't forgotten the request to post the recipe for my cinnamon rolls either. :)

Now... as a reward for reading my super-long posts (I don't know why I've been writing such long posts lately.... I guess I'm a rambler)... here's a cute picture of my boys playing together. These are Keagan's favorite toys. He likes to knock over whatever Nolyn builds.


Gloria said...

Cute picture and Keagan is doing what all 1 year olds do best, knocking over their siblings creations. Happy Holidays.

Heather said...

Sigh. I have been gone the last few days and so have not been here to keep the kids doing their jobs. And now the house is messy again--not nearly as bad as it was when I had babies but not neat either. And as far as I know I am working tomorrow which means the kids will be here all day and more mess.

Our car issues happened in the same way and God provides so beautifully doesn't he. :)

Tiany said...

So glad to hear you will be able to get the Van fixed, car troubles are never any fun! LOL

Our homes sounds like they are in the same boat :-)

Love the pic of the know I can relate!

Your blog looks lovely by the has been a while since I had a chance to go perusing blogs...I enjoyed catching up with yours today!


Martha said...

What sweet little feet! How cute they both are . . .