Thursday, December 11, 2008

Whew! *wipes brow*

That's my personal spa crew. After Merikalyn finished with my make-up, and Nolyn finished my hair, Merika gave me a back and foot massage. I especially like how she helped Nolyn put my bangs in a side-ponytail. I went to bed one hot mama. :)

After the events of today, I feel like I need a real spa treatment. I made up my mind that I was going to tackle the whole house- tend to those things I had neglected earlier in the week due to feeling crummy (allergies/sinus), catch up on laundry, prepare for overnight guests (should we have any for the holidays), organize things that need organizing, and do a deep clean.

I had a little extra work on my hands because Nolyn wet the bed last night and woke me up (at 2am) to tell me that someone had poured water on his bed. I turned on the lamp to find the little critter completely naked and holding his wet clothes in one hand. Poor guy. I told him, "Honey, that's not water. That's potty." I don't have a liquid-proof protector on his mattress, so I hoped it didn't go through, and luckily, he had been sleeping on top of two thick comforters, so the wetness didn't even get through to the fitted sheet. I threw the blankets and clothes in the laundry room to deal with in the sane parts of the morning, gave him another pair of jammies, and a cozy blanket to snuggle up with before tucking him back into bed and going back to bed myself. I have to admit, I was pretty grumpy with him (I am not exactly the most cheerful thing in the middle of the night, especially when I'm sleeping soundly), but God reminded me that it was just an accident, and we all have accidents of some kind all through our lives.... probably every single day.

Anyway, in the morning, Merikalyn and Nolyn snuggled in bed with me before they forced me out of bed by pulling off my covers! (Well, I did hide their stuffed animals... so, I guess I deserved it.) I showered, then succumbed to their pleas for poptarts for breakfast before heading up the stairs to pluck the baby from his crib. One diaper change and bottle later, he was Mr. Perky (as usual) chirping and jabbering at me.

Here's a list of the things I accomplished today. I did it all while listening to Praise and Christmas music, which is very motivating. Ever notice how much fun cleaning house can be when you're praising God while doing it?

The List of To Do's Done Today:

Scrubbed the counters, appliances, cabinets, and sink after washing the windows and swiping the window ledges. Did two loads of dishes, swept and mopped, touched up a bit of paint on the wall (where I had spilled paint while doing an art piece), and reorganized the spices, baking ingredients, and bowls. While taking a break from cleaning, I cut some pretty pictures out of magazines (Texas-themed, of course) to put in these cute frames I snagged from Dollar Tree. I hung up a shelf on the back wall of the kitchen/dining area and put a few frames on top (and a couple others on top of the microwave).

I scrubbed all 2.5 bathrooms, mopping twice, once with bleach (you know how little boys are.. they often miss), gave sinks and toilets a scrub down (thankfully hubby had cleaned two toilets the other day, so I only had to do one), shined the mirrors and replaced the hand towels. In our bathroom, I organized the linen closet and my make-up/hair stuff drawer.

I also emptied the bathroom trashes. Apparently, the one upstairs had been neglected for a while as it still had a pull-up in it, and the kids haven't worn pull-ups in a while! AND IT STANK, STUNK, SKUNK!

I washed the windows in the livingroom and den, organized the contents of our wicker chest, swept and mopped the entry area, spot cleaned (scrubbed) a few seat cushions, and am currently waiting for my husband to get home from work (he's going to be a little late though) with vacuum bags in hand. We have no more bags and keep forgetting to pick them up, so I haven't been able to vacuum for a couple days! (And with kids, daily vacuuming is usually necessary.)

I've been doing laundry all day. Nolyn's comforters, extra blankets (since it's getting cold and they need to be freshened up since being in storage all spring, summer, and fall), and a couple loads of clothes. And, I'm on THE LAST LOAD. I can hardly believe it, but my detergent jug can. It's almost out!

I've also been spot cleaning the carpets and wiping down the trim. I still need to dust the livingroom, tend to our bedroom (and organize our closet and dresser), and tackle the kids' closets.... but I've done a lot today and I think I deserve a big ol' cookie. I'm too tired to make it today, but I definitely will tomorrow!

I made a list of everything I needed to do (divided out by room) and have checked it off as I go. I love being able to cross things off. Feels good, doesn't it? Thank you Lord for keeping me focused and productive today (He knows I'm quite distractable!).

The kids are currently using several comforters to make a big ol' tent in the livingroom. I think I'll go crawl in it and nap! :) They were so well-behaved while I cleaned and even "did school" themselves. (So cute!) Nolyn surprised me by lining lower-case and upper-case letters together. Once again, he proves that he DOES pay attention when I'm homeschooling Merikalyn, even if he doesn't seem like he is! Keagan played with his brother and sister until he figured out I had left the room and then followed me around as I cleaned. Once I was ready to mop, I put him down for a nap. Didn't wanting my sweet baby getting into chemicals since I was using bleach this time around.

I hope you all had a wonderful, productive day! :) I didn't want to be deep cleaning right before Christmas, so hopefully we don't have any major messes before them, so all I have to do is the regular day-to-day maintenance!

God bless!


Christie said...

Whoa! You were super-massively-productive today! :) You have me inspired for tomorrow... thankfully we got a decent amount accomplished today, but nothing NEAR what you did! I'm impressed!

heather bells said...

Wow! I'm tired just reading that :)

Nikowa said...

Oh how sweet!