Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prepare for Picture Overload: Birthday Boy

Four years and a couple seconds ago, my water broke.
About seven hours later, our second child, Nolyn Pierre, arrived.

Here are a zillion photos (in no particular order) of my second child and first son. Happy Birthday, "Nolypair"! (Or, as you say, "Happy Dirtbay!")

You're getting tall, my dear.

We like to roar, so that's what we do.

You're noisy. Very, very noisy. :) But when you're quite, I worry more.

You're so incredibly handsome, child.

I know, sissy-kissies are just icky, but necessary.

You're such a goof.

You were such a chubby, square baby. *Sigh* So cute.

I miss those wispy baby hairs.

You never sit this still for the camera these days.

I know you love your conversations with Dad.

You've got to test everything out.

And you love to be tickled.

You have the longest eyelashes I have ever seen.

At the time, your spiderman obsession drove me nuts. Where do you pick up this stuff without ever seeing the show?

Oh man, your second birthday. *Smile* Seems like yesterday.

Oh, the mohawks. You do look adorable in them, even if some folks think they are horrible. They just fit that personality of yours so well.

The boo-boos of little boys. You're a daring little guy.

Mohawks and pink dresses. Only a child could pull that off.

You're still as mischievous as you were then.

My climber.

(Most recent photo) Roar back attacha.

And, happy birthday to your Uncle John who is THIRTY TODAY!

We'll pretend you're 29 still.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Conversations with my twin

Now, what would YOU do if there were two Mandies?
I believe my parents would have had a heart attack! :)

Growing up, I always thought it would be ultra cool if I had a twin. Oh, all the mischief we could get into.

As an adult.. and a mother, I've found myself wondering how I would handle twins, if God ever blessed me with such. The thought is frightening and thrilling at the same time.

But I am very thankful Keagan is not a twin!

First I found him on top of the piano.

Then he was trying to get fresh baked brownies.

And as soon as I got him down... of he was again seeking more mischief!

[Ps, since I know people will ask- the photo of me and my "twin" is just me... twice.]

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I don't always understand.....

It's been a while since I've written a song... or a poem. It's been even longer since I've posted one publicly. So.. here goes.

Jan 21, 2009
(C) MandyMom.com

I don't always understand
(In fact I rarely do),
But, Jesus, all you ask
Is that I put my trust in You.

And if I'm really honest,
and admit the truth
Oh, sometimes it's not that easy
because I'm tempted to

Follow my own plans
Force my way, Lay down demands. I don't
always understand, Lord
But I'm trying to...
Just lean on you.

Can You just give me the strength
to keep my eyes focused
I don't want to wander from your side
I've got good intentions
But my flesh is weak and my soul is
aching to get it right.

But on my own I'm nothing
Without You, I'll perish then
And what are my dreams if You have not
Wound Your blessings around them.....

I don't always understand
(In fact I rarely do),
But, Jesus, all you ask
Is that I put my trust in You.

And if I'm really honest,
and admit the truth
Oh, sometimes it's not that easy
because I'm tempted to

Question why, my LORD,
And try to convince You otherwise
I guess I forget my size
Seems I forgot
I serve a big big God

I may not get it,
And I may not understand,
But I serve a God who is mighty
And holds the universe in His hand

So, LORD though I be without wisdom
And from my eyes the future is veiled
I know that I serve a God who is good
Whose mercy never does fail.

But on my own I'm nothing
Without You, I'll perish then
And what are my dreams if You have not
Wound Your blessings around them........

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Photos from the last couple weeks:

Getting grandkids to settle down, be still, keep their eyes open and smiles on all at the same time..... near impossible.

AJ, Tara, and Chip (my brother)

Maybe AJ will be a dentist when she grows up?

Merikalyn, Poppa, and Nolyn

Here's one way to make sure your husband doesn't blink when the flash goes off.

Hubby and I

A giggling Keagiebaby

A photo of us, yesterday, in the car. :)

Growing up, I wore headbands ALL THE TIME. I even slept with one on! This is one of my favorites, and I posted it for my mom to see. I thought she'd like it!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


(Tagged by Lindsay B)

i am: feeling creative.
i know: that I am loved.
i want: to be useful.
i have: a desire to help.
i wish: I could see what God sees (then again...)
i hate: the state of our nation- far from God.
i miss: the carefree days of childhood.
i fear: the future for my children.
i feel: protective.
i hear: God whisper.
i smell: Yankee candles (baking smells are my favorite- like spiced pumpkin, apple pie, and sugar cookie).
i crave: warm gooey brownies with a big scoop of icecream.
i search: the scriptures for guidance.
i regret: things done in my selfishness.
i love: love. True love is amazing. God is love.
i care: about the situations of others.
i always: want to fix everything, but I know I can't always do that.
i am not: a person who likes to debate.
i believe: God has a plan for us all.
i dance: like no one is watching.... just as a child does.
i sing: lyrics off the top of my head, from the bottom of my heart.
i don’t always: think things through.
i truly desire: to be a godly wife and mother.
i like: to spend time with my family (and food... gathering around food is always fun!)
i write: whatever is on my heart and mind.
i lose: my patience, and feel guilty afterward.
i win: every time God is controlling my life. (Amen, Linds)
i try: to be self-controlled, like the bible directs.
i never: want to go back to who I was, EVER.
i am greatful: that my sins are forgiven.
i listen: to worship and praise music 99% of the time because I believe God often speaks through the verses.
i am scared: I will fail my children.
i need: to pray and read my bible diligently.
i am happy about: most things. God is good. :)
i tag: anyone who wants to do this... especially Kristin @ Homemaker@heart. :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Holiday Happenin's

The end of a year and the beginning of another always makes me look back over the road traveled, but even more so, I find myself looking forward to the days to come. What will they bring? It seems the last few years have been like a fine wine- becoming sweeter and richer with time. I feel so incredibly blessed that some days I feel like I'm living in a fairytale.

This week has been amazing. My husband had December 25th through January 1st off. He had to go into work today, which makes it feel like a Monday... only it's Friday so he'll be home with us for the weekend.

Christmas was lovely. I genuinely enjoy spending time with my extended family, and it was so nice to see my uncle (Dad's brother) and his family again. This was something I really missed when we lived in Indiana.

My brother bought Merikalyn and Nolyn bikes, and Merikalyn also got her very own digital camera so she's officially become a shutterbug like her mama. Nolyn received a football, or flitball as he calls it, and has loved kicking it around in the backyard. Our good friends John and Ashley gave M&N helmets when we visited them, so the kids are all set for safe bike riding.

We went to Louisiana following Christmas to visit friends and family. I was able to snuggle my new little niece, and, let me tell you, she is precious. Holding her made my baby fever triple, and within the deepest cavity of my heart, I ached. Maybe God will bless us with a wee one this year.

Keagan was ever so interested in sweet little Rylie. I expected him to be a little jealous when I held her, but he was "merely" curious. He stood on his tip toes to peek into her carseat when my brother-in-law brought her in and placed her on the chair.

Our friends from Georgia also came in to Louisiana, so we were doubly blessed to be able to spend time with them. They invited us to come live on their land (over 120 acres), and I must say, the idea is very tempting since Brandon and I would love to be more self-sufficient and live in the country, but being so far from family is the down side. I missed them so much when I lived in Indiana, and I love that we live close enough for them to see their Nana, Poppa, and Uncle Chip a couple times a month.

On our way home we stopped in Ikea and entertained the idea of selling every bit of furniture we own and refurnishing our home with Ikea's stylings. Some of their stuff isn't made well (but you get what you pay for, right?), but they have so many great items to help you stay organized and save on space.

We spent New Years Eve and New Years Day organizing and rearranging, while the kids played with AJ, my brother's girlfriend's two year old daughter (she spent the night on NYeve). Btw, Mom turned 27 again on New Years Eve, so head over to her blog (The Chatty Cathy) to leave her a note. I need to help her update it again! We've neglected her blog!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. May God bless you and your families in unexpected ways in 2009!