Tuesday, January 6, 2009


(Tagged by Lindsay B)

i am: feeling creative.
i know: that I am loved.
i want: to be useful.
i have: a desire to help.
i wish: I could see what God sees (then again...)
i hate: the state of our nation- far from God.
i miss: the carefree days of childhood.
i fear: the future for my children.
i feel: protective.
i hear: God whisper.
i smell: Yankee candles (baking smells are my favorite- like spiced pumpkin, apple pie, and sugar cookie).
i crave: warm gooey brownies with a big scoop of icecream.
i search: the scriptures for guidance.
i regret: things done in my selfishness.
i love: love. True love is amazing. God is love.
i care: about the situations of others.
i always: want to fix everything, but I know I can't always do that.
i am not: a person who likes to debate.
i believe: God has a plan for us all.
i dance: like no one is watching.... just as a child does.
i sing: lyrics off the top of my head, from the bottom of my heart.
i don’t always: think things through.
i truly desire: to be a godly wife and mother.
i like: to spend time with my family (and food... gathering around food is always fun!)
i write: whatever is on my heart and mind.
i lose: my patience, and feel guilty afterward.
i win: every time God is controlling my life. (Amen, Linds)
i try: to be self-controlled, like the bible directs.
i never: want to go back to who I was, EVER.
i am greatful: that my sins are forgiven.
i listen: to worship and praise music 99% of the time because I believe God often speaks through the verses.
i am scared: I will fail my children.
i need: to pray and read my bible diligently.
i am happy about: most things. God is good. :)
i tag: anyone who wants to do this... especially Kristin @ Homemaker@heart. :)


Sylvia & Homero said...

K-baby is such a cutie patootie!! =) What a nice photo! Leaves no doubt that you truly LOVE your little munchkins!

Anonymous said...

hahaha....especially me!

Ashley said...

Hey Mandy! Just found your blog today (I can't even remember how at this point... I think it was through a series of other people's blogs...) & don't want to be a 'lurker' :) - I really enjoyed the posts I read today - thanks for sharing your story!!!!

ps - I just did this exact 'survey' on my blog about 2 months ago :)