Friday, January 9, 2009

Obedience- even when we don't understand.

I realize it's been a while since I've posted a real entry- something with substance.

Lately, my mind has been on obedience. When I look at God's Word, there are things I don't completely understand. I often wonder why God asks us to do the things He does. However, I must learn to accept that God's ways are higher than my ways, so, even if I don't understand why, I need to follow in obedience.

Why does God ask us to do specific things when he could just wave his hand and let it be done? Why did God tell the Israelites to march around the walls of Jericho for a week? Why are the sick told to call for the elders of the church, who will pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the LORD? Why is this the action taken for healing, when God could very well snap his fingers and be done?

Some of you may not know this, but my husband once suffered from severe fibromyalgia. Can you imagine what it must be like to try to provide for your family and spent time with them when you are always under extreme pain and exhaustion? A friend of ours brought James 5:14-15 to our attention, and we began to pray about it. We went to our pastor, asking if this was still done today. He said it was, and so, after church, the elders of our small church where we lived prayed over my husband, and he was annointed with oil.

Now, my husband still has issues with pain, but no where NEAR the issues he had before this took place. God healed my husband and blessed me as well. Brandon smiled more. He felt better. He was able to do his work without feeling exhausted and beat. He was able to spend time with us, his family, instead of heading straight to bed.

You know, I had read the book of James plenty of times, but I had never seen the promise in that chapter. People think God doesn't do miracles today, that he doesn't heal, that he doesn't do great things as he did in the bible.. but God does.

How many times have we missed a miracle because we didn't believe, or we didn't obey? What if no one had marched around Jericho? What if they only marched for two days?

What if Noah had built the ark a little different? What if he used different wood, or different measurements?

What if we see God's Word, but refuse to obey it? What if we try to wiggle around it or shrug it off? What if we say, "Well, that was for people in that day, or that church," or, "We don't do that in our culture," and make other excuses as to why the instruction we see in the bible is not for us.

What miracles will we miss? What blessings will we fail to gain? What opportunities will be lost?


Heather said...

I have been thinking about this very thing a lot lately--he kids and I are reading through the Bible Chronologically and it is fascinating how many "put your foot in the water" things had to be done before miracles occurred.

Carrie said...

this can be such a struggle for me Mandy! Why is obedience so hard sometimes? Why is it so much easier to be selfish!! Thanks for posing this question!

GraceFromHim said...

Very good! Thanks for sharing, it was a blessing!

Bethany W. said...

Great post!


April said...

Thanks for your comment on my site--feel free to e-mail me! I plan on posting a bit of my testimony on my new blog (once my husband is not so sick--much of my time this week has been taking care of him).

God bless!


adewyspot said...

Thanks Mandy! This post has blessed me.

Amy said...

Hi Mandy,

Great post as always. Just checking in to see what you are up to.

Julie said...

I agree. I tell my kids all the time, If God took the time to give us this wonderful book of wisdom and promise, we should take the time to read it, comprehend it, and obey it.

Areté Praxis said...

I often ask the question to my father who is very religious, if the bible is the word of God, why didn't God write the book himself instead of going through men (who I know were holy men, yet still humans) write it for him? He never gives me an answer. Any thoughts?