Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prepare for Picture Overload: Birthday Boy

Four years and a couple seconds ago, my water broke.
About seven hours later, our second child, Nolyn Pierre, arrived.

Here are a zillion photos (in no particular order) of my second child and first son. Happy Birthday, "Nolypair"! (Or, as you say, "Happy Dirtbay!")

You're getting tall, my dear.

We like to roar, so that's what we do.

You're noisy. Very, very noisy. :) But when you're quite, I worry more.

You're so incredibly handsome, child.

I know, sissy-kissies are just icky, but necessary.

You're such a goof.

You were such a chubby, square baby. *Sigh* So cute.

I miss those wispy baby hairs.

You never sit this still for the camera these days.

I know you love your conversations with Dad.

You've got to test everything out.

And you love to be tickled.

You have the longest eyelashes I have ever seen.

At the time, your spiderman obsession drove me nuts. Where do you pick up this stuff without ever seeing the show?

Oh man, your second birthday. *Smile* Seems like yesterday.

Oh, the mohawks. You do look adorable in them, even if some folks think they are horrible. They just fit that personality of yours so well.

The boo-boos of little boys. You're a daring little guy.

Mohawks and pink dresses. Only a child could pull that off.

You're still as mischievous as you were then.

My climber.

(Most recent photo) Roar back attacha.

And, happy birthday to your Uncle John who is THIRTY TODAY!

We'll pretend you're 29 still.


Aaron & Cassie said...

Wow, so sweet. It's amazing how much your little girl looks like you and how much your little man looks like Brandon!

Gloria said...

Happy Birthday Nolan. I loved the zillion pictures. So handsome from the day he was born.

Arlene said...

So handsome! I just wanna bite those cheeks!

Wanna laugh? I saw the one pic and said, "Is that a bazooka?!" to which my oldest son said, "Mom, it's a leaf blower." Oops!!

God bless you little Nolyn. You are precious indeed.

Sylvia & Homero said...

I loved this entry!! So sweet how you have captured so many moments in his life, and the captions really made me smile. He will really be glad for these photos when he is bigg'er'. hehe =)

heather bells said...

Happy Birthday, Nolyn!

What a beautiful post! We aren't going to be able to make it to the party, but thanks so much for the invite. We definitely need to get together soon!

Anonymous said...

Love the talkin' to dad pic!

Happy Birthday!!!!

The Willinghams said...

I can't believe that he's four! I remember when he was born! He's become a handsome young man!

Jennifer said...

Ok, so I'm new here...are you a photographer? If not, you should seriously consider charging for your photos...and can I hire you? Loved the "through the years" montage :)

Happy Birthday little guy!!!

Mommy N said...

He's getting so big... They grow up so fast! Where does the time go? Happy Birthday Nolyn!