Monday, January 19, 2009

A rundown of events...

What We're Up To:

-I've forgotten about my knitting projects. I'm into digital scrapbooking again. Funny, because I have no interest in regular scrapbooking. I use digital scrapbook pages and embellishments to make my layouts here, in case you were wondering. I also make birthday invitations for you to print or email out to your friends.... when I have the time. (See below Nolyn's below) Ask if you'd like something!

-Brandon and I joined a gym and have been exercising 3-4 times a week. Plus, I've been doing taebo at home when I get the chance. (Whew, can you say ASTHMA ATTACK?)

-Still, I've managed to gain five pounds. Let's hope that's just one of those monthly bloating things...... or all that muscle I've put on. (Har har har.)

-Brandon is going to be working evenings. I'll miss having him around at supper, but at least we get to enjoy the mornings and afternoons with him!

-So, I'm not an Obama fan at all, but tomorrow is a big deal. Our nation's first black president! Isn't that amazing!?

- I bought The Love Dare. I pretty much already do most of the things it "dares" you to do, but there's always room for improvement. Plus, I've been a big bundle of grumpy lately, so I haven't exactly been on my lovingest (yeah, not a word) behavior. (Sorry Hubby.) Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend the book, and I cannot wait to see the movie Fireproof when it comes out on DVD.

- Why does every gal seem to be pregnant? Whatever miracle bottled water you gals are drinking, send me some! (Btw, CONGRATULATIONS "C" on your newest little hidden bundle!)

- And yes, even after the fiasco of last week (which, I won't mention.. but believe me, it was ONE OF THOSE WEEKS)... I still want more children. :)

- Merikalyn is struggling through the letter "S" today. Apparently, it isn't an easy letter to write. We have tons of tools to help the kids understand the shape of letters, and I've tried various ways, but I guess it's just one of those letters she'll have to continue to practice until it clicks.

- Keagan has learned how to climb.... majorly. He's always been a big fan of the stairs (I timed him, and he can race up them in about 20 seconds), but the other day I caught him putting his little wooden rocking chair (child sized) over to the piano. He proceeded to climb on top of it, then maneuver onto the piano bench, and THEN climb on top of the piano itself (the part that comes down over the keys). Seriously, you can't take your eyes off this child for un momento.

- My husband shaved off his mustache for me. All he has is his goatee and eyebrows. LOL! He looks nice, but... now that he wears dress clothes most of the time, it just doesn't look the same (as when we were in the BBQ business and landscape business and he was always lookin' all rough and manly/sweaty). Still, it's pretty handsome (but I don't think my Mom would care for it).

- If anyone figures out where the mute button is on little boys, let me know. Just an hour or so of quite time would be.... *sigh* (And I mean an hour of time when I'm awake... of course, it would be nice to sleep through the night without someone poking me and asking something off the wall....)

- My husband wants to know if anyone has a cloning machine. So much to do at work and so little time.

- Kiki wants to know if anyone has any good dog bones they need eaten up. :)


Kristin-Homemaker@Heart said...

could you make me a new header for my blog??...I'm not picky and I love all the ones that you have.
I've tried and I get frusterated and quit. Jesse's got all this Adobe business and I have no idea how to use it. LOL
He's the computer geek, not me. :o)

Jennifer said...

That's funny, at our house it's a little girl that needs a mute button from time to time. January is such a hard month to handle since it's so cold here. Last week with a wind chill it was -45 degrees. We need to get out. Oh, by the way, my name is Jennifer. I really like your blog and hope to stop here more often.

C & T Bishop Blog said...

LOVE your new header -- CUTE!!! :)
Also, enjoyed the family pictures in the precious post! Keagan is really getting big!! Hugs!!