Sunday, March 29, 2009

Harrah for Homeschool!

Homeschooling is truly amazing. Sure, some days leave me wondering how I'm going to make it, but as a whole, its incredibly rewarding .(I'd probably feel that way regardless of whether we homeschooled or not since parenting is a difficult task either way, yet still rewarding!)

Lately I've seen such growth in Keagan. It was astonishing to me because, with my two older children, I was so caught up in myself and my own personal issues, that I didn't notice their growth beyond major milestones. I do (deeply) regret not being more tuned into them, but I can't undo it, but I can tune into them now.

Keagan mastered the stairs several months ago. He's always been quite great at climbing up them, but, with most children, once up, down is a problem. He quickly figured out that he could slide down the stairs. He is so quick and graceful! I'll have to take a video of it!

Keagie has become my little helper. He likes to help put things up, shut drawers and doors, and throw trash away. He loves to be involved in school projects, and wants to do whatever the older children are doing. It's hard to describe exactly how I feel as I watch my children learn and explore.

Brandon and I decided from the very beginning that we didn't want to push our children into education. We wanted to disciple them, and in the process, keep learning fun. I don't know about you, but when I was in kindergarten, I was learning my numbers and ABC's. Now children are learning how to read books and write in cursive. I feel like our country has put education on the fast track. It seems like education has become more important than the child.

Merikalyn will be six in May, but she is not at reading level at this moment. She knows her alphabet, she knows the sounds the letters make, and she loves books. She's a natural at math. We have only recently started the math activities, yet she understands everything we come across. I believe that's because it's something we do regularly in baking, making, and playing.

When I start comparing what she knows to what other children her age know, I begin to worry because she's not on the same level with reading, but then I step back and realize she's ahead in so many other areas... and not because I'm pushed or force her there, but because she loves learning and loves exploring.

It would be pointless to push her to learn something she is not ready to learn. It would only frustrate us both. I've had to learn this lesson several times! Education is a process. In these youthful years, their brains are still growing. Those things they may not full "get" or understand this year, they may passionately grasp the next. I have also learned that the learning process doesn't always go in the order I think it should.

Homeschooling has given me such insight into the children's mind and hearts, and that, my friends, is priceless. I really can't imagine giving such a task over to someone else. I'm glad I'm able to home educate!


Wilson Ramblings said...

I'd love to try one if that would work. :)

Mommy N said...

I agree with you. Even as a family that is fairly new to homeschooling, I sometimes shutter when I hear a family that is new to homeschool also mention that they want their children to know the same things their friends in public school knows. We didn't choose to homeschool our children so they can know the same things other kids know, but so they can know more about real life, more about God, more about family, and more about values. When they learn to read, learn Algebra, and learn about the wars should come in their time when they are interested not at a public school setting time. I think you're doing great!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I love homeschooling. I love the freedom that it brings and I love how stress free it can be if we don't fall into the "am I failing my children" mentality. We must stop comparing ourselves to what is "normal" and let God guide us with our children. It sounds like you are doing a great job with that. It has taken me years to get there. But I think I'm finally OK with some of my kids being behind because some of my other kids are way ahead. It shows that it isn't my teaching, it's just where they are at.

Jena said...

You are so right. Just watching our children, seeing what they come up with, what they say, how they play are my best memories. Mine are now teenagers and we still have that special bond of knowing each other well, something we would have missed out on if they had been gone all day at school. You're right--it's priceless. :)

CB said...

I absolutely 100% agree & feel the same way as you have described here! I have had moments of panic (my first son wasn't "at" level with reading either)...since he was my "first" home schooled kiddo, I was sooo nervous! Now, he is 8 yrs old & reads at a 4th grade level! :) When he was ready for it, he just took off with it!

I love it that there are other Mama's that are experiencing this joy & discovery with their children!

Kristen said...

Glad you posted this...I hear moms talk about what their 3 year olds know/can do and I almost panic because Jacob can't do that. But he's home with me all day, not going to day care/ pre-school and being "taught" all day. I know a lot of moms have to go to work and I certainly am NOT judging that. Sometimes in my head I start thinking I need to send Jacob somewhere so he can start learning what he's "supposed to", but in my heart of hearts I can't stand the thought of it. Thanks for this's just another little reminder that lets me know I'm doing the right thing for both of us.

(does this comment make any sense at all??) ;)