Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Homeschooling Around the Home [1]

I decided today we'd tackle the children's toys, but after the day began rolling, I realized it wasn't something I wanted to dig into just yet, at least not right now. I did talk to the children about it, preparing them for the moment, and was met with a million "Can I Keep" questions.

I realize it's been a while since I talked about our homeschooling adventures, so here you go, complete with photos!

All three children love the Handwriting Without Tears "tools". Baby Keagan pulls the box of "sticks" out several times a day.

We also use these sticks to make patterns/shapes. I make a pattern, and Merikalyn copies it. She did a really great job, especially since Keagan kept messing with both of our patterns!

We made ground beef tacos today. Every time I'm in the kitchen baking or cooking, the kids want to be right there with me. I wish I could say I use every opportunity to get them involved, but, well, sometimes I feel like it's a big hassle. Sometimes I just want to throw together a meal without having to explain everything or maneuver around stools. I just like to have my space sometimes. Yanno? Making a meal requires multitasking, but making a meal with children? That's like SUPER DUPER multitasking! Plus, every time I use the oven, Keagan is right there, so I have to balance on one leg while I try to hold him back with my other foot, open the oven, take out or put in whatever I need, and then shut it before he gets any closer!

We're using pistacho shells for a craft and a counting game, so the kids enjoyed "helping me" with the shells by eating the pistachos! Opening the shells is great for working those muscles in their little hands. Some they couldn't open, so they just put them back in the bag, but many were easy to crack. I'll post more on our crafts and games later.


Arlene said...

How does homeschooling work in Texas? Do you have to register them with the school and then advise them that you're going to homeschool? Here in Florida if I want to homeschool I have to give the school district 30 day written notice. I was wondering if it's the same in all the states. Thanks!

Me.. said...

This is a fun post! We use handwriting without tears also. The sticks and curves are fun!! The magic C really helps kids make their letters. Looks like you have fun with teaching your kids. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

It's always so much fun at your house!