Thursday, April 2, 2009

Interesting, Funny, and Scary moments!

We've had some interesting moments this week. Unfortunately, I was unable to take photos of these moments for safety reasons (it just wouldn't have been safe or responsible for me to go searching for the camera at the time, as you will see).

During the cool days of Spring, I usually leave the back door in the kitchen open. The kids and dog are usually in and out throughout the day anyway, so it' better than hearing the door slam a million and one times.

Sometime after lunch, after Keagan was down for a nap and the kids were playing upstairs, I settled down on the couch to read my book. It was quite windy outside, so I could hear the papers on the fridge flapping. I heard other noises, but I assumed it was the dog until I realized the dog was snuggled up beside me. (She's small, and easily cozies up beside or behind me without me noticing.)

I looked into the kitchen and, woah, there was a bird perched on my kitchen sink. Then he fluttered over to the table. I guess he decided it was time to fly our coop, because he began to flap his wings and head outdoors, except there was this silly thing called GLASS in the way. BAM! HE slammed into the window in the dining area. Then WAM, he slammed into the window on the door (the door opens against the table). He was becoming frustrated, and began flapping around, swooped into the livingroom and....

SMACK! He collided into the mirror and PASSED OUT on the floor! I told the kids to stay upstairs (although Nolyn wasn't keen on listening since he really wanted to inspect the bird). I tossed the dog outside as I ran to my neighbors for help. I really didn't want to come back to find bird feathers and guts all over the place!

One of my neighbors came over with a broom (why didn't I think of that?), and about that time, the bird came back to life. He bumped against this large window in our livingroom before taking time to gather while sitting on a small little frame. My neighbor and I pondered how to get the poor little thing out of the house. I opened the front door, pulled the back door back as far is it wood go and opened the window in the dining area, just in case he (she?) trapped himself in that corner once again. Then it occurred to me. Why don't I try to lure the bird outside with bread? As I went to grab a couple slices of bread, the bird took flight once again. He circles around the fan (where we have high ceilings), then swooped down into the kitchen and...... out the door!

*Whew* My neighbor and I started breathing again and then began laughing!

I was afraid the bird would attack one of us (or the kids if they came down) because he was pretty flustered, and she was afraid the bird was going to head upstairs (which is why she had guarded the entry with her broom!). We were relieved he had finally vacated our people house! And I watched him shake off his panic as he balanced on the fence.

Of course, afterwards, I found evidence of his fear. He had left droppings all over the place! I really wished I would have been able to take a picture of him, but when I thought about it, he was sitting right next to my camera, and I certainly didn't want rile him up any further!

So, you'd think one moment of excitement would be enough for the week, but I guess Keagan was feeling a little left out (since he was asleep during the bird ordeal yesterday) and decided to create his own moment this morning.

The dog and I were once again snuggled on the couch as I read my bible. I thought Keagan was playing with the dollhouse behind one of the couches, but evidently he had decided to move on. Now, we've gotten into a habit of shutting the bathroom doors because Keagan is a toilet splasher. I have found it's easier for the kids to remember to shut the door than it is for them to remember to put down the toilet lid (but I prefer them to do both). Anyway, I heard a yelp coming from my bedroom. I distinctly remember shutting the door, then tugging at the knob (because sometimes our bathroom door doesn't shut all the way even when you try to slam it), so I figured he had simply managed to shut himself in the closet, and was frustrated that he couldn't get back out.

This little booger had nudged the bathroom door open and was sitting IN the toilet. I mean, feet, legs, heiny... everything below his waist. And he wasn't happy about it.

It was at this moment I REALLY wished I had my camera with me because the sight was hilarious, but I knew it wouldn't leave him to get it (and I certainly wasn't going to tramatize the poor kid by restaging it, although the thought did cross my mind). I removed him from the toilet (thank goodness it was flushed, right?), stripped him down, and placed him in the tub while I ran some water to bathe him in. He wasn't happy about that either. I guess he figured he had just gotten a bath in the toilet.

I thought it was pretty funny, until it hit me. What if he had toppled over head first into the toilet and hadn't been able to get out? He would have drowned! How frightening! I'm just glad that God was watching over my baby!

I think Keagan was just trying to imitate us. He wants to do whatever his siblings are doing, and they an sit on the toilet, so he wants to as well!

Oh, and a few nights ago, Nolyn got up to go to the bathroom and was so sleepy, he stood in front of Merika's door and tinkled on the carpet. I got the job of cleaning the carpet while Hubby bathed Nolyn.

So, next time you're hoping for a little more excitement in your life.... remember to be careful what you wish for!


April said...

Oh goodness! You did have an exciting week! The bread was a good idea! I got a field mouse out of the house one time by making a trail of blueberry bagel bits out the door. The little thing ate every piece and went right outside for more!

brodie said...

Just In His Grip from OD stopping by. We had a bird in the garage once, you'd think with the huge opening it would have flown out right away but it didn't! I guess they just get freaked out. :)

Sheila said...

Funny!! Some weeks are just like that, with kiddos, aren't they?? :)

LinsyB said...

hahaha. those ARE silly moments. one time when i was in poland the oldest boy (age 5)came into my room in the middle of the night, mistaking it for the bathroom. i guess any door you open when you're tired is the bathroom. :)

Gloria said...

Oh the Keagan story is to funny. To bad the camera wasn't in the bathroom. I guess when you have kids, you need to have a camera in every room.

Full of Heart said...

Another good way to get a bird out is to throw a big towel over it, gather up the towel and take it outside. I've used that trick before and it works well!

C & T Bishop Blog said...

WOW -- you've had lots of excitement! :) Made me laugh! Hope you are having a "less exciting" day, today! :) HUGS!

Arlene said...

I don't know which story made me laugh more! I guess there's never a dull moment at your house! We've had birds slam into the sliding glass doors in the family room a couple of times, but they've never gotten in the house. Lizards get in all the time (the little salamanders). Certainly not as exciting as your bird adventure! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Was it a large bird? I was going to suggest the towel thing, too! You might have been able to use a rug as well, if it was a larger bird (in case of talons). Glad it eventually flew out, though. Poor thing!

Keagan might need a little potty of his own! :)

Anonymous said...

ROFL! What a day!

My youngest (DS6) STILL could get stuck in the toilet!

Kristen said...

Oh Mandy - that is too funny! Glad things ended up OK as it could have been bad...but since all's well that ends well, this is priceless!!