Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthday celebrations!

Like the new blog look?

I was looking through some of my photos from the last couple months and realized I haven't posted some of the events here. So, here y'go!

Cajuns love their crawfish boils! We went to the Landry's home to celebrate D's fourth birthday. In addition to "mudbugs" there were mushrooms, garlic cloves, potatoes, corn, sausage, celery, and halved lemons thrown in the boilin' pot!

Any good cajun has a toilet out in their yard somewhere. We did. Our friends do. Be cool. Use commodes as exterior decor. ;) [That's me, btw.]

And my hubby! [FYI, I'm only kidding- the only reason either of us ever had a toilet out in the "yard" was due to remodeling! We had a beautiful "peach" colored toilet and a seagreen one as well set out to be hauled off.

Everyone loves Spiderman cake! (The Landry boys: T, age 2 and D, age 4)

When we got back, Keagan wasn't feeling to well. You know the boy is sick if he conks out in the middle of the livingroom floor with all the noise and craziness going on around him!

The Landry's came down for Merika's 6th birthday party. Here's the birthday girl opening her gifts, and a mohawked Nolyn watched on.

The littlest Landry and our Keagiebaby got along pretty well!

D. Landry, giving me a sweet little face!


Kristin said...

ah hahaha I love the toilet pictures!

Jess said...

Mandy, totally off subject, but you look more like you mom every year. (thats a good thing. you are both beautiful)