Sunday, June 14, 2009

All on a Sunday afternoon!

Again, I apologize for the lack of entries with substance, but... I do have a fresh batch of photos! It's been a gorgeous week here, and we've just been enjoying God's creation and artwork these last few days. Earlier in the week I was very, very sick and at one point was convinced I was going blind (or would be, after I plucked my eyes out since they hurt so very bad). My mom's good friend, Dawn Stafford, picked the kids and I up and took me to the doctor! Later, my MIL drove from Louisiana to gather the kids and take them back home with her so I could have some R&R&R! (rest, relaxation, and repair!). I really needed someone to care for them those first two days, but I was thankful that she came, even if it was on the tail end of it all! The next day, I felt good enough to go out and do some things, like get my hair trimmed and roam the mall. It was so strange to go to the mall without my little munchkins! I felt like my hands were too empty! Then, hubby and I got to spend some quality time together. I missed my children something fierce, but I also enjoyed the peace and quiet that is so rare around here! My Dad and I drove up to Beaumont and met MawMaw there and she exchanged the kids for the peace and quiet. :)

When we came back into town, my dad and the kids watched Hotel for Dogs while I helped my mom pick out a couple outfits. While the week started out crummy, it ended well! :)

We started off this beautiful Sunday learning about the tower the people tried to build to the heavens, and how, because of their pride and vanity, God confused their language. Made me contemplate the many "tower of Babel" that I may have constructed in my own life over time, and how, as a result, confusing issues arose that really threw me off my course and caused trouble for me.

I hope you're having a lovely Sunday! God bless!

Cooling off an on Sunday afternoon.

Another refreshing way to cool off- iced tea in a wide mouth jar.

And, who can forget homemade juice pops?

(I just love his expression here)

One of my new favorite photos of the two of us.

This is a good photo of us as well. I have so few photos (decent ones) of the two of us, that I have a hard time filling the scrapbook of "us"! This one is going in for sure!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Congrats & Carpentry

First, I want to congratulate my brother Chip and his lovely lady Tara on their engagement! I've never seen my brother more in love, and I've never met a woman more fit for my brother than Tara!

Don't they make a beautiful family?

As most of you know, my husband has a skill for carpentry. He's been wanting to build me a cabinet to set our enormous microwave on, as the thing it was sitting on was too small (and unstable) for such an appliance, and he simply didn't like the look of it. Probably didn't help that the paint job of the little shelving unit was slapped on and didn't match. I don't have a before picture (although I wish I did), but here is the little dealy that was there, after I painted it and gave it a new home on the stair landing.

And here is the cabinet my husband made me. It's shelves can hold my prized kitchen aid mixer (a "gift" I got for my husband one Christmas.. haha).

Another view.

Thank you hubby! You did a fantastic job!

Now we've come up with about a dozen other ideas for things that he "needs" to build. He wants to build a nice hutch for our flatscreen TV, and will turn the armoire that is currently housing the television into a craft station for me. (Oh how I need something like that to hold all my creative tools!) I'd also like him to build a short, long table for the kids to use for art projects, home school, and play time.

And, just throwing this out there.. but my husband also sells his work, so if you need someone to build you a custom bookcase or a built-in shelving or something you've conjured up in your head... let me know!