Friday, July 3, 2009

Initial Paintings

Here's a great, cheap and easy activity to do with kids this summer. They're initial paintings!

Even the art-challenged parent can organize this with ease.
You'll need the following supplies:

- Canvas or thick paper
- Masking tape or painters tape
- Paint (Thicker paint if you are using a canvas. Runny paint on a canvas will run under the tape. You can use watercolors on thick paper.)
- Paint brushes (or, you could use finger paints and fingers!)

Tip: Make sure the kids paint all the white spaces on the canvas, especially around the tape, so there are clear, clean lines when you peel off the tape.


Me.. said...

Very cute! I love how the color choices show the individuality of your kiddos!

Christie said...

Ooooo... I love this! I'll definitely have to do this with my kiddos!

C & T Bishop Blog said...

What a CUTE activity!!! Love it!! :)

Anonymous said...

What fun!!! I'll have to get the stuff for this. Thanks for sharing.

Kristen said...

ohhh....I LOVE this - it's something even I could actually do! Thanks for the idea!!

Karin Katherine said...

This looks so cool. I'm saving this idea for when we move into our new house. That will make a great wall hanging in each of my children's rooms.

Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

I love this. My Grandsons will have a ball and they will have a lasting momento to hang in their rooms. Thanks!