Thursday, August 6, 2009

Apparently, I'm old now.

I recently purchased Sue Patrick's e-book. Workboxes have taken the homeschooling world by storm. All respectable bloggers are blogging about it (hehe), and I must say, I'm totally drawn in. So drawn in that I spent a good chunk of the evening finding blogs featuring workboxes. You can check out those links at The Precious Mind.

I'm definitely ready to implement this system, but I don't really have the finances to do so at the moment (although, it's not very expensive).

Anywhosit, here's a few photos from several of the activites we did today:

My aunt gave us these little "pattern" tiles. On the back, they have numbers, and the "box" has letters. There are workbooks that go along with this fun little game. Questions are labeled with the alphabet, and the answers are labeled with numbers. You match the answers to the questions and lay the tiles numbers up. Then, when you are done, you flip it over to reveal a pattern. If the pattern matches the answer key, you've done it right! Sometimes the kids just like to play with the patterns though.

At some point, the stacking turns into throwing- as in chunking hard wooden objects at people and things. Ouch.

This is a kid favorite. I was so glad my aunt gave these to me because the kids love them and they are featured on Sonlight's Mathtacular video, which the kids also love.

Today is my husband's 28th birthday. (He's so much oooolder than me, har har har.) We made him a big birthday banner instead of a card. Side note: While I giggle about my youthfulness, apparently I'm not all that youthful anymore. I walked to the mail box (in our neighborhood, there's a "mailbox center" on every street, instead of individual boxes at the end of driveways). On my way back, two boys stopped me and asked if I knew where the kids in the neighborhood went to highschool. "Well, I think they go to the highschool on [this street]," I said. "I'm really not sure."

One of the boys cocked his head to the side and asked, "Don't you have a teenage son?" I think I about choked on my own saliva.

"Um, no!"

The UPS man overheard the comment, and let out a huge laugh. I asked him how he was doing today, and he laughed, "Good! Better than you right now, I bet! Talk about wrong thing to say!"

I have to admit, 99% of the time, when I'm without my children, people think I'm a teenager. They ask me what grade I'm in or if I'm graduating this year. They're usually surprised when I say I am not a teen and am married and have three children.

This is the first time I've ever been mistaken for a mom of a teen. Of course, I think this particular boy has a very youthful looking mother. Plus, a friend of ours, David, was staying with us for a month while he finished school (and just left yesterday to join his wife in North Carolina). He's my husband's age, but apparently, is youthful looking enough to be "teen-esque". I believe this boy believed Dave to be my son!

I had a huge laugh, because, well, this had definitely NEVER happened to me before. In fact, I'm often stopped in the store by people who ask if "all those children" are mine. Some people think I'm just the nanny or babysitter! Someone came to the door the other day and asked if my mother was home! Apparently, now that I'm 25, I look much, much older. (By the way, my birthday [July 31st] was fantastic! I really enjoyed spending it at the family reunion!)

So folks, have I finally graduated from looking like a"teenage mom" to "mom of a teenager"?

The kids said this was my "birthday hat".

Keagan took joy coloring the banner. How many colors can those little hands hold?


Kristin-Homemaker@Heart said...

LOL no, you do not look like you could have a teenage kid. Jeeze, way to up someones self esteeme.
You're beautiful!

Arlene said...

I thought that was pretty funny, till I remembered I graduated high school the year your hubby was born, and it wasn't quite so funny anymore :P.

I think you look young and beautiful. And a fun mommy.

Have a blessed weekend.

Amy Bayliss said...

Oh sweetheart... you do not look at a day over 19. You really are beautiful and I am shocked that anyone would mistake you for the mother of a teenager. You rock, girl! ... love the hat!

Saminda said...

Hi there!!
I had to leave a comment and say how much I've enjoyed reading your blog tonight....... I'm doing a little blog-surfing but got to yours and just stopped here. :) I smiled at this story because I too get asked what grade I'm in quite often- and I too am a Mama of 3 children!! I suppose when we're in our 40's we'll be happy to look young for our age. :)
Many blessings,
Saminda (in Australia)