Thursday, August 20, 2009

Healthy deliciousness!

I just wanted to share a few of some of my favorite dishes that I've prepared on our new high-raw diet. In less than a week, I lost 5 lbs, some days it appears to be 8 lbs, but at least a steady 5 are gone and my stomach is noticeably thinner, so I'm pleased with that. In addition, I more energetic, my allergies aren't as bad, my headaches are gone, and well, I'm feeling fantastic!

My husband, who decided to do more of a vegetarian thing, decided he would go in for a high-raw diet as well and has really enjoyed the dishes I've whipped up.

This is a pesto pasta salad. The pasta is actually thinly sliced zucchini (I used a vegetable peeler with a blade on the top, instead of the side) which is marinated in a bit of olive oil, lime juice (just a touch!) and seasonings. It was yummy!

This is a raw taco wrap.

My vegan pizza. The only thing not raw is the Wasa Light Rye cracker. I made these for a bridal shower and EVERYONE loved them. There wasn't one left! I was asked for the recipe at least half a dozen times!

These were a big hit. I call them enchiladas. The sauce is guacamole (with cilantro) blended with almond milk. The corn isn't cooked- it's sliced right off the cob and is surprisingly tender! Of course, the tortilla isn't raw. I hope to be able to purchase a dehydrator around Christmas to make some raw tortillas. For now, I'm using the "warm" setting on my oven to dehydrate stuff.

Just Like Cheesecake- and yes, it really tasted like cheesecake... with no dairy in sight!

Another diary-less treat! "Icecream!" made with frozen fruit and macadamia nuts! Yum!

Anywho, all is well in our household. We tried to start officially homeschool a couple weeks ago, but decided to put it off until the rest of the kiddos in the neighborhood start. We're doing reading lessons and math lessons here and there, but we'll be back full force next week. I know the kids are always eager to play when the neighbors are home, and soon, they'll be back in school, so homeschool won't have to compete with playdates.

Keagan's birthday is coming up, and I've decided to to a cowboy theme... I think. I can't believe my little munchkin is going to be TWO.


Jenn said...

You can make your own dehydrator. Solar or fan powered. It only takes a box and some cooling racks. I have used a home made solar dehydrator for making sun dried tomatoes!

Gloria said...

It all looks very good. When food looks good and tastes goood it is easier to enjoy your diet. I started the Mediterian Diet last Monday and I really like it. Veg's, fruit's, and whole grains and a little fish or chicken. I have had fish twice this week and I am used to having meet twice a day. I really like it so far. If I can have pasta and rice I can manage no sweets. I have never cared for the whole wheat pasta but I got Barilla's Whole Grain pasta and I could hardly tell the difference between the white pasta and it. I eat alot of raw veg's also but stir fry is good too. So onward skinny ladies!!!!!!!!!!

Katie LaPierre said...

so cool! I hear it takes a lot of work at the beginning but gets easier... like anything else I suppose :0)

Anonymous said...

YUM YUM YUM, recipes?

Angie said...

I wanted you to know how special your blog is so I am passing on this blog award to you.

Your sister in Christ

Megan said...

Any chance you got these recipes from a book called Ani's raw food recipes or something similar? I have that book, and it has a lot of this type of thing it. I haven't used it as much as I would like, but I think the raw diet can be a great addition to the stodgy old potatoes and meat for us. Anyways, interesting. :-)