Saturday, October 17, 2009

A homemade Christmas

I always plan on doing homemade Christmas gifts, but I tend to think these things up a little late in the game. Right now, I think I have plenty of time. Two-and-a-half months should be (fingers crossed) plenty of time to do what I need to do as long as my mother-in-law hovers over me while I use her sewing machine.

I love to sew, but I'm horrible when it comes to handling a sewing machine. For some reason, this piece of modern technology and I do not get along well. I've tried to make nice, but, well, *shrug*.

I have a sewing machine, but I do not have the manual for it. Probably would help if I did, since it is a very nice sewing machine a friend passed on to me. I really wish I could get it down, so I could work on some of those ideas and projects I've been eyeing for some time now.

Today, I worked on making some pretty little barrettes for Merikalyn. I'm looking forward to creating all these gifts. There's something about homemade gifts. I love receiving homemade gifts that people have put time and effort into. It just shows they love and care. (Of course, I love gift cards to restaurants too.... and those aren't homemade!)

Here's one of the little craft projects we had (also a craft to work on patterns) that I think would be great for a Christmas, Hanukkah, or Birthday card.

I'll post pictures as I go along (except, I will not be posting photos of the gifts I'm giving to people who read my blog!)


Renita said...

Mandy, As far as your sewing machine with no manual...I had a similar situation several years back with a machine my bosses wife gave me that used to be her mother's....needless to say, it came without a manual, too. ha But, I looked online at the manufacturers website and found the manual for my machine. It's worth a try. Or at least get a 1-800 number off of the website and call to request a manual. Hope that helps. HUGS!!

Kristin-Homemaker@Heart said...

I like the candles...they're cute!

Shell said...

Google your model type (aka. Kenmore, Singer) in your search and click the name brand site. Then you should be able to search through the site for your printable manual. They usually have you type in your model number and then you can get a computer pdf and print it off for free.

Good luck. I just did this with mine the other day and was very glad.


Atif said...

i really love the candle these are looking so cute.

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