Saturday, November 14, 2009

Altering Jeans into a nifty skirt.

I've lost some weight over the last few months, and, as a result, I am left with several pairs of jeans that sag and bag.. giving that "poopy pants" effect I'm not really fond of. One particular pair of jeans were fairly expensive (considering I purchase most of my jeans for $15 or less, a $50 pair of jeans seems quite an indulgence), and I had lost the receipt and tags, but had yet to wear them. I needed to have them hemmed, since they were three inches too long (yeah-yeah, I'm short), but when I put them on to mark where I wanted them hemmed, I realized they really didn't fit well at all anymore. I hated to let go of such a beautiful pair of jeans (from GAP), and I knew they would look strange if I tried to have them altered to fit (I mean, I really needed to go one or two sizes down all over), so I thought..... why not turn these beautiful jeans into a skirt?

Now, I'm not a fantastic seamstress, so I thought I'd better leave it up to the tailor to do. She's finished, but I haven't picked them up yet. I'm eager to see how they'll turn out.

I'm thinking about doing this with the remainder of my ill-fitting jeans. The thing about jeans is they need to fit "perfectly" in all areas. A denim skirt just needs to fit the waist and rear (and can be slightly "loose"- which is how I like them). Skirts are much better for someone who bloats often or who loses and gains 5-10 lbs on and off throughout the year.

I'm going to take a pair of my husbands old ill-fitting jeans along with me, for the seamstress to use as a filler in the back (because jeans do leave a gap). Otherwise, she can only make me a knee-length skirt (because she has to use the material at the bottom to fill in the gap between the legs in the back).

Just a thought for all you gals who love denim skirts but can't seem to find any! You can buy a couple pairs of jeans at Goodwill that fit in the waist and either transform them yourself, or take them to someone who can.

I took mine to the same place that shortens my brother's jeans (okay, we're a short family). Most alteration places will do something like this for you- for a price, of course!


Miss Hannah said...

Oooo!! I'd love to see pictures of the finished product once it's done! I have found that skirts seem to fit me better than jeans. I have to get a small size in jeans in order for them to fit me in the waist, but then, they are too tight in the legs. I only have 1 pair of jeans that fits me right and the rest are skirts. In the winter I wear skirts and jeans, but in the Summer I am almost always wearing a skirt. They are so much cooler!


Renita said...

Great idea! I've seen this before but never tried it myself.