Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pantsformed. ;)

Pantsformed=transformed. ;) Get it? Har har? No?
Remember that skirt I was telling you all about- the one I was having made from a pair of jeans? Here's the result:

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out, but it was quite pricey since I had a tailor do it. (I'm not talented enough to do this myself!) My mom, being the sweetheart she is, paid for it as an early Christmas gift to me. It's very comfortable and a great length. Cute, right? It's a shame I don't have a "before" photo!

And, speaking of cute, I managed to catch a photo of all three of my children smiling and looking at the camera. (RARE!) We've been enjoying weather in the 40's here. It's been nice to open the windows and allow the cool air to filter in!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We really loved spending time with family and filling up on good food!


Gloria said...

The skirt is very cute and the kids are adorable. Happy Holidays to all of you.

Miss Hannah said...

The skirt looks super! I have one similar to it and really like it! In the Spring, Summer, and Fall I mostly wear skirts. Reason being, where I live it gets quite hot in the Summer and I have found that skirts just fit my body better than jeans. I also enjoy wearing them!


C & T Bishop Blog said...

CUTE skirt!!
And, CUTER kids!! :) :)

Renita said...

The skirt turned out really, really cute!! Love the pic of the kids all wrapped up and cozy. We've loved the cooler weather, too!

Shell said...

I have made my daughters skirts like that. Its not really that hard. Just get a good ball-point needle in your sewing machine thats a 110 or higher.

Fruitful Harvest said...

WOW MandY~
That is to cool~
Great job!

I might have to give that a try...I have been wearing skirts much more compfy than pants!

(The Garden Gate on the QF blog roll)