Monday, December 7, 2009

The snow, The 80's, oh yeah.

I definitely have some thing on my mind (and heart) to write about, but I simply don't have the time, so.. for now, photos from last week!

It snowed last week, and WOOOOO did the kids enjoy that! They played until their fingers were frozen!

Big sister let Keagie borrow her pink cap. :)

Our friend Miranda had an 80's themed birthday party. I would have done the big hair, but I didn't want to have to brush that out at the end of the night! (Notice my hubby's double polo popped collars!)

I am NOT a fan of skinny jeans, but I found these pair deeeeply discounted, so I purchased them for my costume. Btw, what is with boys wearing skinny jeans? I think that's a ridiculous style! When I was in highschool, the guys wore baggier clothes so they'd look bigger and more macho. I don't like this string bean style guys are doing.

I have misplaced our ornaments, but... at least we made PLENTY of our own this year! Here's one of my favorite salt dough ornaments that I decorated.


Truefemininity said...

Nice outfit! Love the pics of the kids playing in the snow too. :)
As for the skinny jean trend in men's fasion, I hated it at first too, but then as time passed I got used to it. And I'm ashamed to admit this, but as even more time passed, I came to actually find it attractive (now that nearly half the boys at my university wear this style). I think it's just a matter of seeing something everyday and adopting it as part of normality.

mimi said...

You look cute in those jeans....boys wearing them (ewwww!).

An 80's themed party would be hysterical!

Louisiana Momma said...

ohhhh I can't stand those skinny jeans on boys/men.. makes them look feminine if you ask me.. yuck!! BTW - I had a pair of shoes like what you had on.. you remember that same style in flats? Another big trend back then that I participated in was the neon colored

Angie said...

who would have thought- snow in Texas- even before there was snow up north in PA. Looks like the kids had a blast!


Shell said...

My son absolutely does not look feminine in skinny jeans!!!!! The skinny look is for skate boarding guys. My son can't wear his baggies because he will get "caught" in his board. I believe some wisedom is to be used with just how "skinny" guys jeans should be worn.

I hated the 80's look. It made girls look like street walkers.