Wednesday, March 10, 2010

14 weeks; midwife appointment, cloth diapering

I had my 14 week appointment today. I'm measuring a week behind, but I'm a petite person anyway, and I'm sure my 2 weeks of sickness between this visit and the last may provide some reasoning behind it. (I measured right on target last time.)

In a few short weeks we'll be able to peek at the baby and find out the gender. I cannot tell you how much I anticipate this moment! I know I am definitely a spoiled woman, since my grandparents did not have this technology and just had to wait it out like everyone else!

This week has held it's share of loveliness and ickiness. Sometimes when we're really having a fantastic celebration in life, something comes along and tries to rain on our parade- and there have been several things that happened over the last few days that, at any other time, would have probably broken us down (not our relationship, but just our spirits).

But, God has.... IS... helping us through this time and providing for our needs, and we are ever so grateful. My women's study has been on attitude, and I know that God hand-picked this study for me because He knew what was to come and knew I'd need these verses and sermons running through my head.

Anyway, I have enjoyed slowly building my baby registry- not that I expect many people to purchase anything since it is our fourth child. It's mostly cloth diapers (I love gro baby diapers... they are so simple and cute!) to add to stash we already have. I am currently using one-size pockets with Keagan, and would love to use gro baby one-size snap ins (no pocket stuffing!), but, financially, it's best to use what I have and be thankful for it!

An internet friend of mine has been so generous as to donate her small one-size pockets to me for this little apple, and I am ever so thankful for her kindness!

I've also purchased a few disposables because I found an INSANE deal on a package of Walgreens brand(with over 50 diapers) for a mere $2.19 a pack. I had to ask a sales associate if that was the correct price. I bought all the packages they had left (which was three). These should last a good while since it's over 150 diapers and I will only be using them for outtings and maybe night times. Keagan is in disposables at night because he is such a heavy wetter, and I'm afraid of leakage, even though I have really good microterry liners. Still, since he sleeps through the night, I'd rather not wake him up to change his diaper, should I need to, and with an infant, I'm going to be up nursing the wee one anyway (and changing diapers)- so I'll likely use cloth during the nights. I'd also like to test out FLIP diapers, which have the option of using disposable liners- which are great for when you're out and about.. or at night (and VERY cheap, especially when compared to regular disposable diapers), but are also like regular cloth diapers. Two options, one diaper? Good deal.

I know my husband really likes gro baby (not that he hates the pocket diapers- he will change a pocket diaper) because the liners just snap in- no stuffing pockets, so it's easier to reuse the same cover. I think he'd also like FLIP diapers as well, so I've put both on my gift registry. Maybe one of my friends will be kind enough to grab me a few for my baby shower. (Some friends of mine feel I've been deprived and need a "real baby shower" since I've never had a "real baby shower".)

It's interesting because when Merikalyn was little, the idea of cloth diapers disgusted me. Of course, I was still picturing the old fashioned prefolds, diaper pins, and plain pull on covers that my parents used. I had NO idea that cloth diapers had come so far and were so simple. (In fact, we do use cloth when running errands, because they aren't that big of a hassle, but if we're going to be out for most of the day, we use disposables.)

Now I'm absolutely addicted and it's hard not to crave all the cute little colors and prints available! Most of all, even though the diapers seem expensive, in the long run, it's much cheaper (especially if you're buying one-size diapers that grow with your baby).

We were spending about $500 a year for disposable, off-brand diapers (which I often found on sale 2 for one) for a toddler (which means only 4-5 diaper changes a day).

During infant years, when a baby goes through about 8-10 diaper changes in a 24 hour period, you're spending much more, and double or even triple that price if you're using name brand diapers (depending on the name).

A friend of mine calculated the cost of what she spend on a year's worth of diapers and it came out to over $1000.

So, for the first three years of a child's life, you could be spending anywhere from $1500-3000 in diapers.

Compare that to the cost of one-size cloth diapers, even the nice expensive ones. Depending on how often you wash the diapers (the less you wash, the more diapers you'll need) and whether you buy them new or used (The nice thing about cloth is that they can be resold if they are in good, clean condition), and what sort of diapering system/brand you choose, you could spend anywhere from $60-1000 on diapers that will, if taken proper care of, last you through your child's entire diapering years.

If you've treated them with care, you can use them for your next child or sell them.

So far, I've received all my diapers have been lovely gifts from friends who were no longer using them- so all I've had to buy are soakers/liners and disposable liners (which sit on top to catch poo). So, my costs have not even broken the $50 mark.

If you're interested in cloth, I suggest you try out used first. That way you don't sink a bunch of money into brand new stuff only to find it doesn't suit you. And, it's important to remember that there are about a dozen or more different diapering methods/systems out there (fitteds, pockets, all-in-ones, prefolds with covers, etc) so if you don't care for one method, try another. :)

And find a good cloth diapering forum to learn the ins and outs of it!


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for good cloth diapers to put on the registry I just started on I will have to look into gro baby now...thanks for the tip!

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Its so nice to hear that your having a healthy pregnancy. You deserve it! I want to do cloth with my next

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