Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Big Reveal...

Merikalyn's bandages were removed yesterday morning, and we expected to see a large shaved area, but they had only shaved a thin strip along where they "went in". All the other children on our floor seem to have missing patches, so I'm wondering if Merikalyn really pulled at the Neuro's heart strings when she cried in front of their team when we talked about the hair situation.

Merikalyn's hair is really, really thin, so even when it is all pulled back, it doesn't completely hide the scar, but it definitely makes it less noticable.

Yesterday afternoon, she took a good peek at it in the bathroom mirror and returned sobbing. I felt so bad for her. Of course, I think she looks gorgeous and the scar is even kind of cute on her (and will likely heal nicely.. and over time, you won't even notice it, especially as she grows).

In an effort to cheer her up, my brother and my husband put on Disney Princess wigs..

Hmm, I think their Prince would have likely run the other way when they showed up to the ball. What do you think? This definitely gave Merika a giggle!

She was a mess for a while, but a bunch of guests (with kids!) showed up and before long, she was back to her cheerful self.

She was very "uppity" yesterday, which we were excited about. Her voice was stronger, she smiled a lot, played with stuff.. and just was more herself.

My parents watched her and our niece, AJ, while we went out with my brother and his wife for some good ol' crawfish and boudin. Unfortunately, I threw everything up when we arrived back at the hospital. I haven't had to fight the nausea to hard this pregnancy, but sometimes it hits and I can't control it!

We've had many visitors since we've been here- and we just feel so blessed. We are a fortunate family, I'll tell you that. God has been more than good to us. Merika began receiving the first few hats and headbands that people have told us they are sending, and she cannot wait to wear them. (She has to wait because the stitched area needs to really seal and heal... we are not suppose to cover it up.)

We cannot wash her hair until Thursday and that is driving me NUTS! She doesn't have super oily hair, thank goodness, but you know... it just begins to look stringy and ratty after a while.

We all really miss the boys, and I know when they get back they are going to go crazy over all the cool toys and gadgets she has been blessed with by friends and families. Yesterday, her cousins (The Joneses), came and dropped off a gift of a Nintendo DS and three games from them and some family friends (The Bellos). It was incredibly sweet and I KNOW the boys are going to want to play with it when they come back from MawMaw's (who cares that it's bright pink and all the games are girlie!). We were really surprised by such a generous gift! Uncle Chip had to show her how to use it.

I can't wait to have our family "back together" again, but we know that, for now, it's best that we just focus on Merika. The boys are having plenty of fun in Louisiana and are able to get the attention they need as well.

Brandon and I are doing great. We have such a great support system... we're just really, extremely blessed.