Monday, May 31, 2010

26 weeks pregnant!

Happy (Merry?) Memorial Day, my friends! I feel so blessed to live in such a wonderful country, despite all the "issues and concerns" I may have with the government and society in general.

I am sure you are incredibly shocked that I have actually been posting regularly lately. You see, I do most of my "computing" from my touch phone (I have the the HTC Hero), and it can be difficult to write a post. I'm trying to hop on the laptop more often (at least every evening) and answer emails (often, my emails don't get sent from my phone... bah!), check on some of my favorite websites and blogs, and scramble up an entry.

So, hopefully, I can keep this up, even if it means writing a post or two in advance and setting it to post in a few days. :)

I am now 26 weeks pregnant. I'm telling you, every week that passes I feel so crazy-blessed. After four miscarriages, I had a hard time believing we'd make it this far.. and after everything that we went through with this little sweetie [Read: The Day That Shook My World], I definitely feel like I'm walking on air. This pregnancy has actually flown by quite fast, although I'm sure that will likely change as I enter the last few weeks- especially if this pregnancy runs a little over 40 weeks, like with Keagan.

That's when people start asking those ridiculous questions like:
You haven't had that baby yet?
(You know, I thought that was obvious....)

It's funny because, when I was 41 weeks pregnant with Keagan, I dreaded going to church that Sunday- not because I didn't want to go to bible study or hear the sermon... but because I had been getting bombarded with silly questions and comments for the last 5 weeks!

And, because we were planning an unassisted birth with him, some of the legitimate questions people had (like, "Is your doctor going to induce?" or "What does your midwife think?") made me squirm because I did not want to tell people that we had dropped professional prenatal care once I made it to the third trimester, and I DEFINITELY didn't want people to know we were planning an unassisted birth. (Especially since our small group had three or four doctors and four or five nurses who would have likely freaked out on me!)

This time, we do have a midwife. (Mainly because my intuition told me it would be best- NOT because we didn't have a wonderful, awesome unassisted birth... because Keagan's unassisted birth was AMAZING and I would love to have a DOZEN more births like that.)

[Btw, you can read my posts regarding the Unassisted Birth HERE.]

Interestingly enough, little Evangeline is due around the same time Keagan was due. Keagan was due on September 2nd, or September 4th, depending on which time line you listened to (the ultrasound said the 2nd, my calculations said the 4th). He arrived on the 12th.

Evangeline Rose is due on the 6th. I am expecting her to come mid-month. If she arrives earlier, I will be most thrilled and excited, though! :)


Arlene said...

And what a very pretty pregnant lady you are!

Kristin-Homemaker@Heart said...

I noticed that you were posting more regularily! YAY!
And I sooo agree with Arlene! You are a gorgeouse pregnant woman. :)

Angie said...

Mandy time has flown!
I am so happy for you that everything has worked out for you and the babies health!

you look great!