Saturday, May 29, 2010

I love being pregnant!

[24 weeks pregnant]

I love being pregnant. People assume, because I love being pregnant, that my pregnancies are easy going and peachy, when they really aren't.

However, this pregnancy has been different from all the rest. With my first three pregnancies, I spent the first 20 weeks hovering over the porcelain throne. It wasn't pleasant. It was hard to keep food down, and I ended up losing anywhere from 10-15 pounds with all three. My third pregnancy (Keagan) was the most difficult. Our house had major issues- like mold and mildew- and living in Louisiana isn't exactly easy on the allergies anyway. Pair that with the usual pregnancy "morning" sickness, and I spent the majority of the first trimester on the couch, wishing I could get up and be a REAL mom and a REAL wife. My husband even bought new toilets for the bathroom, since I was having such personal conversations with them on a hourly basis.

[22 weeks]

But this pregnancy? I've been nauseated from time to time, and I've had "conversations with the throne" a few times (usually due to sinus drainage, which, combined with the nausea, has me running to the toilet), but it's been incredibly pleasant. I never dreamed I would have a first trimester that sailed so smoothly. (Maybe it was just God way of blessing me as we went through all the difficult things with Merikalyn's brain mass.)

Yes, I love being pregnant, but it's not exactly the most comfortable state of being. Early in the first trimester, my right leg starts having issues. I don't have great circulation in this leg to begin with, but then comes the loosening of the pelvis which always causes a pinched nerve. The result is so painful that, when it hits I can't even put my weight on the leg. (It comes and goes, but occurs most often in the evening and throughout the night.)

And the back pain. Oy. The backpain. I have a tiny frame and my growing belly pulls at my spine (which already has issues of its own).

Then there's the problem with food. I'm hungry all the time. My stomach doesn't seem to hold much, so I eat a portion and am stuffed.. until twenty minutes later.

Of course, it's always dangerous kneeling or sitting down, because it may be quite a struggle to stand up again- especially if I sit on the floor.

And the nose bleeds? Oh, the nose bleeds. I'm sure if you looked in my trash can, you would think we had murdered someone and tried to keep it up with toilet paper and tissues.

Then, the baby grows and starts dancing around... and sometimes you wake up to find your whole womb is sore- like someone had a boxing match with your uterus all night.

But... it's all worth it. It really is. And I know so many women who would not mind suffering through the worst pregnancy symptoms if it meant carrying a child in their own womb.

And besides- there are all the wonderful moments of pregnancy that definitely overshadow those pesky nosebleeds, aching muscles, and talks with the toilet.

Like feeling the rush of excitement when you first realize you're pregnant.
Like watching your little belly grow and wondering at the life inside.
Like feeling the first little flutters of movement which grow into more obvious movements.
Ah, yes- there is something awesome and inspiring about peering down at your belly with your spouse and watching a foot or elbow slide around your belly.

There's the anticipation of arrival- the planning that goes into it all: picking a name, browsing baby items, setting up the baby's space (whether it's in your room or a nursery of her own).
There's the wondering, "What will she look like? What will her personality be?" and the eagerness to nurse that little one and grow strong bonds.

[Keagan, showing where the baby is going to nap- in her new "lite", aka mini, pack'n'play.. a gift from my friend Mellie!]

And then there's that moment when you realize that a child is the only thing "you" can make that is eternal... everlasting. A wonderful gift that God allows us to have part in.

Pregnancy is AMAZING. It is God's special gift.

I'm lucky to have a husband who loves my pregnant body. There's just something awesome about the whole ordeal!

[25 weeks]


Pam said...

I love being pregnant too (though it is not always the easiest thing to be!). You look so lovely. God is so good. Praise the Lord for your attitude, and may it be contageous!

Hannah Braboy said...

You look absolutely gorgeous (pregnant or no), Mandy! Little baby E has a much anticipated arrival. :)

Anonymous said...

You ARE adorable pregnant. :)

Mommy of 2 Boys said...

Oh how I love and miss being pregnant!! I am so happy for you guys!! You look stunning mama!!

Nicole said...

So happy that things are going well with this little one! Pregnancy is indeed such an amazing blessing!!