Sunday, May 30, 2010

Project: Mosiac Graph Paper Art

By the way- I've officially hit 200 posts! :) YAY ME!

Moving on....

Just as with recipes, some crafts and projects are a hit, and others are a flop. Sometimes one kiddo loves it and the other hates it. This project was one of those.

It's incredibly simple, and it's one of those art projects I can set out and step away from, instead of watching over their shoulders to make sure no one is gluing plates to the table, painting the walls, or cutting their hair.

It only requires graph paper and map pencils. (You could also use markers or crayons, but I found map pencils are better for the small squares, and there's none of that inevitable smudging that comes with using markers.)

Make note that you could also use your word processing program to make graph paper (by using tables and making each column and row the same size and width). In fact, you might want to do this to make larger squares for younger kids to fill in. (I think Nolyn probably would have done better with larger squares- less time consuming.)

I drew a large shape on each piece of graph paper (a star for Merikalyn, a boot for Nolyn). I specifically chose shapes that I not only knew they'd like, but that would also fit in our livingroom "theme" since I'm displaying them as art.

I had them put a magazine or book underneath because my table cloth is textured. Merikalyn loved this project and worked at it until it was completely finished. Brandon loved how it turned out as well.

Nolyn, on the other hand, didn't really have as much fun. This is what he completed yesterday, although today, while I prepared for lunch, he worked on it some more. While the rice was simmering, he asked if I would help him, so I did half of it with him. Hopefully he'll have it completed by the end of today so I can frame it. I should say, he likes the project, but he just feels it's too tedious. He loves the end result, but doesn't want to do "all that work" to get there. :) I know the feeling.

And here's the end result. I "traced" the star a little larger on a piece of white computer paper and mounted it on construction paper (with those little scrapbooking sticky squares). I wrote Merikalyn's name, the date she did it, and her age. My mom kept some of her favorites of our artwork, and I always enjoyed flipping through it and seeing how much my style has changed and how much I've improved. I hope my kids can do the same some day!

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