Saturday, June 5, 2010

Busy Bee Binders- a true hit!

Here's a few photos of the kids' digging into their Busy Bee Binders on Thursday, which I had just loaded up with new stuff (they couldn't wait until I had finished)!

I truly dislike hovering over the kids, which is why they usually go through the binders themselves, asking for help when they need it, and showing me when they've completed a paper. Once a day, I like to go through their new papers (if there are any), explain what to do, and talk about some of the new sheets (especially if it contains a history, science, or bible lesson).

I am often amazed at how well they do, since I usually include worksheets that I am just sure are a little advanced. (I also include worksheets that will seem "very easy" to them to give them a boost in confidence, since some of them will indeed be more difficult.) This particular day, Keagan wowed me by showing me he knew how to trace- and quite well, at that, for a two year old!

I had asked him to circle the K, and was really surprised when he did. He usually just scribbles on the papers. has some wonderful printables for parents. Their state pages are pretty cool looking, and I loved telling the kids about the best state in the WORLD..... Texas, of course. (Hehe!)

What I love about the books is that they are great for taking on the road. Carschooling, anyone? (Or, in our case, Vanschooling.)

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Waterdreamer said...

Don't you love when kids surprise you!
Lol we use to carschool when I was still working. We turned the 3 hours of daily commuting into fun educational time well spent.